Duke Serkol's Zelda Storyline

1/1/2000 - 5/11/2008
by Duke Serkol of Tolemac

Welcome to the old storyline section. While I mantain the validity of the theories expressed in here, the unquestionable fact remains that some aspects of them contradict what Nintendo has now established as canon, in particular the child timeline being split off into a third "what if" timeline and the identity of the Link in Oracles. Still, if you would like to know how the Zelda series flows in my personal opinion, you're welcome to continue reading.

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Duke Serkol

WARNING: Here can be found detailed information on the stories of all Zelda games; if you plan on experiencing one of these fantastic games in the future and don't want to spoil its story do not read the relative page!

Here you can have a quick look at the story of the whole series.
But be warned for any game you have not played may be spoiled by it.

An attempt at answering some of the most confusing/interesting questions that might arise while playing the Zelda games.
Even though he is helping with the whole story section, I'd like to give a particular thank you to Tingle Kooloo Limpah for coming up with so many intriguing questions and some very fitting answers. Also thanks to Jumbie, Zether II and the others who did all those useful retranslations from Japanese.

Generic Questions
Volume I: Hyrule Fantasy (Zelda 1), Adventure of Link
Volume II: A Link to the Past, Link's Awakening
Volume III: Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask
Volume IV: Oracles of Seasons and Ages
Volume V: The Wind Waker
Volume VI: Four Swords, Hyrulean Adventure - And additionally The Minish Cap
Volume VII: Twilight Princess

Index of Game Synopsis:

Introduction: The Hero of the Minish

                             Preface: The Creation of Hyrule

                                Prologue: The Minish Cap

Volume III: The Hero of Time

                                  Title 1: Ocarina of Time

Title 2: Majora's Mask


Volume VII: The Chosen Hero

Title 1: Twilight Princess


Volume V: The Hero of Winds

Title 1: The Wind Waker


Side Story: Navi Trackers

Volume VI: The Hero of Four

Title 1: Four Swords




Title 2: Hyrulean Adventure







Volume II: The Hero of Legends

Title 1: A Link to the Past




Title 2: Link's Awakening

Appendix: Ancient Stone Tablets

Volume IV: The Hero of the Essences

Title 1: Oracle of Seasons and Ages




Title 2: Legend of Zelda The Sleeping Princess, Recalling the Dream




Volume I: The Hero of Hyrule

Title 1: BS The Legend of Zelda - Hyrule Fantasy




Interlude: On Watch




Title 2: Adventure of Link





Cross Over:
Not exactly part of the series, yet linked to it.

Soul Calibur II

Apocryphal Volume: More on Hyrule's Hero
The following part of the story is, for several reasons, not to be taken as canon.
Still, here it is for the sake of completeness and to satisfy the readers' curiosity.

Premise: Valiant Deeds
Title 1: The Faces of Evil
Title 2: The Wand of Gamelon
Finale: Zelda's Adventure

The species found in the Zelda series:
By Duke Serkol and Tingle Kooloo Limpah

Gerudo People
Kokiri and Koroks
Moblins and Butablins
Oocca the Sky People
Wind Tribe

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