Volume IV Title 2: Legend of Zelda The Sleeping Princess, Recalling the Dream

Volume IV Title 2: Legend of Zelda The Sleeping Princess - Recalling the Dream

As it was said, under the rule of the good king governing with the Triforce, Hyrule had long prospered.

However, the king too was child to a man and eventually died. Then, the prince of the kingdom should have become king and inherit everything, but he could obtain the Triforce only in part. The Prince searched everywhere for what he had been denied, but could not find them. Then, a magician close to the king brought him some unexpected news. Before he died, the king had said something about the Triforce to only the younger sister of the prince, Princess Zelda. The prince immediately questioned his sister, but she wouldn't tell him anything.

After the prince, the magician threatened to put the princess into an eternal sleep if she did not talk, but even so, she said nothing. In his anger, the magician proceeded to cast a spell on the princess. The surprised prince tried to stop him, but the magician fought off the prince and went on chanting the spell. Then, when the spell was finally cast, Princess Zelda fell on that spot and entered a sleep from which she would never awake; and it is said that at the same time, the magician also fell down and breathed his last.

In his grief, the prince placed the princess in a room inside the deep center of the new North Castle, hoping that someday she would come back to life. So that this tragedy would never be forgotten, he ordered every female child born into the royal household should be given the name Zelda.

As time passed on peacefully, people would come to forget about the existence of a third part of the Triforce.

And these events became known in Hyrule as The Legend of Zelda.

While this was happening, Link was in the middle of his journey at sea. It wouldn't prove a short one, but in the end satisfied, the Hero was heading back to his homeland. Just then he found himself in a dreadful storm; he fought valiantly against the ravaging elements but his ship was hit by a thunder and he lost consciousness.

However, at that time the omniscient being known as the Wind Fish had fallen into a trance to recall the memory of Koholint Island and share it with the Legendary Hero that would save him from the Nightmares without fail.

And thus the Hero of the Essences embarked on his journey on the island of dreams. But this story has been told already.

In the end Link was able to return the waking world, exactly where he met with the storm. Eventually it seems, he would drift to a land other than Hyrule and settle there (perhaps because he found that his absence could actually hinder Ganon's return).

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