Tokay are the potbellied lizard-like inhabitants of Crescent Island, south of Labrynna. Although they are excellent swimmers (in fact they have webbed toes), the rough sea waters surrounding their island keeps them isolated from the other civilizations of the world (to the point that any being from outside the island is completely alien to them). As a result, they are primitive and almost child-like in their social interactions. they have such short attention span that their sense of time is terribly poor (they can mistake days for years) and are generally bad with numbers.

A Tokay stands about as tall as a Hylian. They have large, round bellies, and long necks that end in almost disc-like heads. They have wide, staring eyes, small red spikes along their spine, sharp teeth and fierce looking claws that are more bark than bite. Most Tokay are green in color, with lighter shades of green on the softer scales on their bellies.

Tokay are omnivores, preferring meat, but also enjoying other strong flavors, like scent seeds (curious Tokay end up regretting having tasted ember seeds). When they do eat meat, they eat it in huge chunks right off the bone. It is unknown what kind of animals they predate upon, but they seem to have a liking for red fish.

As said Tokay are child like in attitude, and consequently extremely curious. This can sometimes get the best of them, making them act without thinking and getting themselves into trouble for taking interesting unusual stuff that belongs to others. When confronted with the result of their actions, they will usually try to get out of troubles and return the stolen item (pretending not to be responsible for the taking). However because they have such a short attention span (which is usually what got them into troubles in the first place) they may also forget that the object is not theirs and trade it. Incidentally, this normally allows the Tokay to get away with it, seeing as they all look alike, but it is believed they don't knowingly exploit this.
In the middle of Crescent Island is a stone head resembling a Tokay (probably built by them long ago). This stone head is called "our guardian" by the Tokay, which makes it look like they worship it. Also among Tokay a legend is passed down about a Tokay with no tail that opened the guardian's mouth to then go inside. In truth it was Link who had travelled back in time.