Premise: Valiant Deeds

Premise: Valiant Deeds

With Link controlling the Triforce Hyrule seemed ready to enter a new golden age.

But then one day Link was ambushed and captured by Ganon's elite warriors (the same that helped him steal the Triforce of Power). Fortunately he was rescued before the Sacrificial ceremony could be completed, but Ganon was still revived (although not with his full strenght) and the Triforce of Power taken from Link.

With his army scattered by Links wish over the Triforce, the King of Darkness could not afford to invade a large kingdom as Hyrule.

Ganon had to think of more sly ways to take over the land but Link, with help from the princess Zelda of that time (who proved to be a skilled sword-lady and to whom Link had entrusted the Triforce of Wisdom), was always successful in every undertaking the King of Darkness forced him to face.

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