• List of the BS-Zelda Webring Here are some of the best BsZelda pages

  • Wikipedia likes the BS Zelda Homepage! And the BS Zelda Homepage likes Wikipedia! :)

  • Vel's Homepage A great site about BS-Zelda and other games

  • Damodred`s BS-Zelda Conversion The maker of the character-patch

  • Armageddongames They (re)programmed Zelda Classic for the pc

  • Brahman's Game Room A blog about obscure videogames, including Zelda ones.

  • The Lost Woods Another site that is helping experiencing and spread knowledge of BSZelda games. Written in Italian

  • Galbadia Hotel - Video Game Music A great resource for soundtracks.

  • History of Hyrule The best place to look for Zelda Mangas.

  • Mystery of Hyrule Nifty page with articles and art for all Zelda games

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