Volume I Interlude: On Watch

Volume I Interlude: On Watch

The young Link, having wandered into Hyrule during his travels, found purpose in remaining in the kingdom, wishing to lend his hand to its restoration. But circumstances did not look very good: it was a time of war in Hyrule, a group of eight fierce dragons who had refused to live in peace with the kingdom attacked Hyrule with an army of monsters (mainly Stalfos, Ghinis and Moblins) for the rule of the world. For the people of Hyrule the conflict was turning worse day by day. In the middle of all this, Link and Zelda became close friends and soon they started considering themselves as sweethearts. Then it happened that Princess Zelda, trying to protect the Triforce, was kidnapped by the evil dragons. Before being captured though, she was able to hide one of the triangles and, once again, divide the other in eight parts. Upon hearing this, Link finally resolved to go destroy the Dragons in their own lairs.

He managed to pursue them and found that every one of them had a whole cavern of his own.

One by one he entered the caverns, which inside where more like palaces, and fought hordes of monster from the dragons' army before confronting the caves dragon himself. In each he found tomahawks: weapons that, although not enchanted, were more suited than his Magic Sword to slash through a dragons scaly skin. Unluckily they deteriorated fast so each dragon was to be fought with another one.

This way Link managed to recover the eight fragments of the Triforce and after defeating the last dragon, he used the completed triangle to dissipate the wall that sealed Zeldas prison, freeing her and putting an end to the Dragons' war against Hyrule.

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