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I,     Things we still need patches for / Title / End / Scrolling Item List
II,    Things that have been implemented by the patches we've got - Thanks to all the Hackers!
III,   Classic Edition - Independent project with special patches
IV,   Credits

I, Things we still need patches for

  • Prevent slow downs from the patched game

    Maybe (separate patches):
  • Improve the menu (D-pad can be used instead of select, also for gender select notified on top like for the name entry and allow to choose the starting week, which disable some timer skips caused by the Triforce parts)
  • TQ/FQ, Link roms: Improving the title screen and maybe animating it (especially in TQ)
  • A facilitated second going? Or possibly merging Map 1 and Map 2 into one rom

    Since making the following images, we have found out what the introduction and title screen looked like (screenshots coming soon). However, we are still rather happy with our mock ups, so here they are:

    Title Screen:

    Demonstrative Item List:

    Possible ending screen

    II, Things that have been implemented by the patches we've got

  • Restoration: Quick save (Select on the week objective screen)
  • Restoration: Adding an end screen that displays the death counts
  • Translated text boxes instead of wait signs
  • If it is present in the game's data, make it so that each mascot shouts with his/her voice
  • Intro with story and items as in the NES game (see below)
  • Add an intro and transition pics as seen in the original broadcast
  • Determine if the buggy Ghoma in Dungeon 8 is meant to be the Blue Manhandla seen in Map 2 and if so change it (or do so anyway as a separate improvement patch)
  • Make having the whole Triforce necessary to enter Ganon's room
  • Make the week change upon reaching the 57th minute rather than collecting Triforce parts. Possibly also warping the player back to the first cave (as it was in the original game)
  • Add a title screen
  • Save function (return/save&quit/quit)
  • Translation
  • Unlock Final Area
  • Fix the Magic Sword glitch
  • Make the game save the Magic Shield and Bomb Bags
  • Fix the Aquamentus in L8 in the screen before the 2 Ghomas bosses
  • Make the game run fluidly with everything happening as scheduled (such as the Armos waking up)
  • Change Roto's patch to start each week at 7 minutes (as the first six were spent loading the game and telling the story in the original broadcast)
  • Sound and music: There is sound built in the game, but somehow it got lost
  • Get rid of the 7 minutes beginning waiting time, the 57 minutes crash and the japanese signs, which appear every 10 minutes
  • A character choosing menu to play as the mascot or the girl and enter your name
  • Fix the week objectives
  • Remove the Level 8 text that appears above the map when fighting Ganon
  • Make the red dots marking the dungeons on the world map appear only for those of the previous weeks (as it is, they always show those previous to week3)
  • Have the heart on the save screen in the proper color (red)
  • Enable the Magic Shield's unused sprites
  • Display the correct sprite color in the menu (when you've got the blue or red ring)
  • Make the game save the subscreen maps of dungeons
  • Prevent the letters sfx to continue after Zelda's dialogue is over
  • TQ/FQ, Link roms: Modify monsters re-spawning (make them come back only after they all died and you got some screens away)

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    III, Classic Edition

    Click here to get informations about Con's
    Classic Edition Project

    VI, Credits

    The credits so far:

    Original Programming, Design and Distribution
    St. Giga

    Additional Programming
    Dreamer Nom

    Duke Serkol and MakoKnight

    Duke Serkol

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