A, Walkthrough
1, Online Walkthrough (ca. 600 kB)
2, DOC Version for MS Word (ca. 300 kB, zipped)
3, PDF Version for Acrobat Reader (ca. 900 kB)
4, TXT Version (ca. 90 kB)

B, Maps
1, Map 2 Overworld
2, Dungeon 1
3, Dungeon 2
4, Dungeon 3
5, Dungeon 4
6, Dungeon 5
7, Dungeon 6
8, Dungeon 7
9, Dungeon 8
10, Final Area

To have a further, quicker view simply click with your right mouse button on the picture and choose the option "save picture as"! Then say thanks Fyxe (for Dungeon1) and Con (for the rest) ;)

C, Code Guides
1, Basic Hacking Tutorial - These pdf files (vol1, and 2) contain a short tutorial how to hack into roms. It is made for those who begin at point zero.
2, PAR - Codes - This text file contains every single Pro Action Replay code in an organized FAQ for easy use. It has all of the codes that have been proven to work without causing the game to crash, as well as information about each code's effects outside of their intended use. Made by Tre.
3, Listed PAR - Codes - This is a text file contains the same as above but all the codes grouped by type, formatted so that you can double-click the code and copy to Snes/Zsnes. It also excludes ALL my information about the code's effects and all of the other information of the FAQ. Made by Tre.
4, Dec - Hex Charts - This chart will make it easier to change the amount of items you want to have in your inventory, as well as allow you to change the clock to any time you wish with ease. Made by Tre.
5, Time Related Events - This text file gives you an overview about the Time Related Events in every week and their hex-values. Made by Duke Serkol.

Check out this Readme Text for further informations on the Code Guides

D, Cheat files by Tre
To use these Cheat Files rename the cheat file you want to use into the name your rom has (e.g. cheapgame.cht -> bszelda.cht), then click into the zsnes menu "Cheat -> Add Code -> Load"!

1, Cheap Game - This cheat file contains the codes you'll need to make the game super easy.
2, Hard Game - This cheat file contains codes to make the game a challenge for even the most expert player. You are not able to collect any HCs, better Swords or Rings
3, Snes9x Codes - This is a master listing of the PAR codes that are Snes9x compatible. Due to limitations in the number of codes you're allowed to have in a .cht file, this is the best bet for those who don't want to use Zsnes...
4, Zsnes Codes - This ultimate cheat file library based on StarFighters76's, Sephiroth X's and my own hard work is an ordered list of every single code that has been proven to work flawlessly in Zsnes!

Check out this Readme Text for further informations on the Cheat Files

E, Zsnes Savestates - say thanks to our friend Tre!

  • Male Mascot Savestates
  • Female Mascot Savestates
  • Link Savestates

    Follow the instructions in the attached Readme file (especially if you play with Zsnes v1.50)!

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