Apocryphal Volume Finale: Zelda's Adventure

Apocryphal Volume Finale: Zelda's Adventure

Some time passed without news of any trouble in the kingdom, but Ganon was not being inactive, in his lust for power he searched in his millennial knowledge and finally found something that would have been perfect for his evil purposes: the seven Celestial Signs of Tolemac.

Being Tolemac an impassable southeastern region of Hyrule, it was hard for King Harkinian to send reinforcements and soon the land was swarmed with Ganons monsters, only villages and the castle opposed the army but inevitably the Celestial Signs were stolen.

Using their power Ganon regained a form similar to the one he had when he originally abused of the Triforce of Power: he became more like a demon than ever.

Since it had proven difficult for Hyrules army to reach Tolemac (and being more cautious after his captivity) King Harkinian sent Link to stop Ganon. But in a dark and stormy night the astrologer Gaspra received a terrible message: not only the land was seized by Ganons army and the Celestial Signs were stolen but Link had been captured.

So Gaspra started to search for a solution to such a critical situation when he sensed a great magical power; it was the Princess Zelda that Link had awakened from a sleep that lasted hundreds of years. Immediately Gaspra instructed her about the happenings and gave her an amulet that would send her to Tolemac.

There Zelda was telepathically contacted by Shurmak the sorceress who would give her advices for her whole journey. Luckily she found immediately a weapon, the only one she would really use, a Magic Wand; with it she would be able to create magic spells that could summon any weapon she had the chance to study. Her quest was long and difficult but with help from the villagers (even those of the goblin village) and with the intent of saving Link, she managed to reclaim all of the Celestial Signs but the moment she took the last one Ganon reached forth and threw her in his secret dungeon (right under the vision henge where Zeldas quest started) there Ganon fought her with the forms of all the guardians to whom he had entrusted the Celestial Signs and finally in his ancient monstrous form.

Zelda had no Silver Arrow but she had all the Celestial Signs and with her wand she channeled their strength against Ganon who after a long fierce battle was finally destroyed. As if hit by a Silver Arrow he disintegrated to ashes and with the magic of the Celestial Signs Zelda scattered the dangerous dust in all directions making sure no one could ever gather it again. Then hand in hand with Link they traveled through the now free land as the Age of Darkness was finally over and the Age of Lightness could now begin under the guidance of the united Triforce.

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