02/11/1999: Page Launched
02/12/1999: Download, Requestes, etc.; Character Patch
02/13 - 02/19/1999: Miscs (Guestbook, Counter, etc.)
03/15 - 03/30/1999: Maps
04/05/1999: 1000 Mark!
07/04/1999: FAQ v0.4 by Sephirot X
06/08/1999: Pc-Demo, Music Patch
07/20 - 07/30/1999: New Site Design
07/30/1999: 5000 Mark
09.22.1999: BS-Zelda Kodai no Sekiban with the overworld patch
11/16/1999: 10.000 Mark
11/27/1999: Page moved to Dekutree
11/30/1999: BS-Zelda Complete Beta Patch
12/07/1999: New project: The Legend of Zelda: The Lost Quest
12/24/1999: New patch with Translation; merry X-mas
01/01/2000: Story section starts; happy new Millenium
02/11/2000: First anniversary: 1 year Bs-Zelda Homepage
05/15/2000: Story section completed until the launch of new games
05/26/2000: Complete translation patch for BsZelda1
11/25/2000: Site relaunched by Duke Serkol on Zlda! Also added a section for Triforce of the Gods
12/27/2000: New section for Other Games that can't currently be played at their best. Star Fox2 is in it
03/08/2001: Added BS Marvelous Time Athletics and BS Marvelous Camp Arnold to the Other Games section
07/12/2002: We are open again, now on The Golden Land!
11/13/2003: The BS Zelda HomePage has been visited 50000 times!
08/04/2004: We are open again, now on Zeldalegends! :-)
09/24/2004: BS-X Bios emulated and available
09/25/2004: Great improvements to the Complete BS Zelda Patch
10/08/2004: Added sound effects and overworld's map to Ancient Stone Tablets. Available an extract of the Zelda no Video
10/15/2004: Patch for Ancient Stone Tablets to make most indoor objects show up! Also fixed the overworld music and added a patch to play as the girl.
11/28/2004: Great improvements to the first BS Zelda Translation.
02/21/2005: BS Zelda Editor available.
08/26/2005: Translation Patch for Ancient Stone Tablets!
09/05/2006: Ancient Stone Tablets Week1 Indoors finalized!
09/12/2006: Ancient Stone Tablets Week2 Indoors finalized!
09/19/2006: Ancient Stone Tablets Week3 Indoors finalized!
09/20/2006: Reached 100.000 Visitors Mark
09/19/2006: Ancient Stone Tablets Week4 Indoors finalized!
09/31/2006: Fixed the protagonist sprite in week 4 of AST.
01/28/2007: BS The Legend of Zelda Map2 has been found and has been made available!
03/24/2007: The Legend of Zelda - Third Quest has been finalized
04/13/2007: Roto's and Dreamer Nom's patches (and consequently all others) fixed to work with BS Zelda MAP 2. Fourth Quest has been finalized
04/17/2007: Added video (and its translation) of BS Zelda Map 1 Week 1.
07/10/2007: Restoration patch makes change of week time related (as it was in the original broadcast) instead of Triforce related. First seven minutes made to be skipped and Triforce required to fight Ganon also in Map 1
09/01/2007: Blue Manhandla in Map 1.
11/24/2007: Restoration patch finished
12/25/2007: The indoors for Ancient Stone Tablets that had been recreated with approximation are now 100% accurate.
04/18/2008: Begun posting translations of the voice acting for AST!
12/31/2008: New patches make use of the wait signs in BS Zelda Map 1 and 2 to implement part of the voice acting as text.
03/22/2009: ALttP's music fully restored in AST. Also new patches that keep the minutes count between play sessions.
05/22/2009: The translations of the voice acting for AST is now complete!
06/13/2009: AST now has title screen, end artwork and credits!
24/13/2009: Map 1/2 Restoration now have a result screen with fade to white and quicksave
11/02/2009: 10 Years Anniversary! Long live BS Zelda :-)
11/02/2009: Map 1&2 restoration completed with item restore by sword pick-up
12/21/2009: AST restoration completed with Intro End sequence patch
12/24/2010: AST sublines patch, together with Mighty Boomerang and Timeless play
12/24/2011: German Translation for AST
01/06/2012: MottZilla RH Patch
01/15/2012: Story cutscreens at the start of BS Zelda and AST
01/20/2013: Anti Monster Respawn patch
02/27/2013: old man waitsign music (remastered by FireBrandX) was converted into spc and hacked into the rom
12/10/2014: firsr MSU-1 patch released (code only no tracks)
09/14/2015: BS Zelda week1 MSU-1 track released
06/21/2016: All BS Zelda weeks MSU-1 released
10/02/2016: All AST weeks MSU-1 tracks released

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