Apocryphal Volume Title 1: The Faces Of Evil

Apocryphal Volume Title 1: The Faces Of Evil

One of Ganons new strategies was to conquer Hyrule attacking from a nearby land. At first he tried to take over Calatia, one of Hyrule's small neighbour kingdoms, then he suddenly had an idea: on an island called Koridai an ancient civilization had built huge temples, called The Faces Of Evil (as they were carved into the mountains in the shape of monstrous heads), whose purpose was to channel evil magic for one who knew how to use them. Ganon revived and subdued their masters and with such a great power he begun transforming most of the gentle islanders into minions for his new army; Hyrule's takeover was almost at hand.

Luckily Gwonam managed to escape using his magic carpet; he reached North Castle and asked for Links help, since an ancient scroll of Koridai prophesized the danger for the island and stated that only Link would have been able to save Koridai.

Immediately Link hopped on Gwonams carpet ready for his new quest, but Gwonam warned him: it would have been nearly impossible to defeat Ganon with his new source of power so Link decided to first free the Faces Of Evil: Goronu, Glutko, Militron, Harlequin, Lupay and the one devoted to the King of Darkness himself, Ganons, and only then fight the King Of Evil (who also was master of the last one).

With Gwonams advice Link was doing great, but suddenly his friend brought him terrible news: the King of Hyrules daughter, Princess Zelda was nowhere to be found in the castle. It was obvious enough that in his lust for power Ganon kidnapped her again to steal her magic.

With renewed efforts Link managed to defeat the guardians and headed for Ganons Lair. He was not able to find another Silver Arrow but he had a different plan: to trap Ganon into the mythical book of Koridai and sure enough, when he stood before his foe he threw the book and The King Of Evil was imprisoned; that would not hold him for long but it was the best Link could do at that time. Thus with Zelda and Koridai saved Link once again returned to Hyrule as a hero.

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