Time Line:

Here is a timeline for quick reference. Anyone who played the game will know no dates were stated in them; the ones seen here are just there to give the reader a general idea of how much time passes between games. For help navigate the timeline, the dates columns have been marked with different colors for the lifespan of each Link.

      - The Hero of Hyrule (HF, AoL, G&W)
      - The Hero of Legend (ALttP, LA)
      - The Hero of Time (OoT, MM)
      - The Hero of the Essences (Oracles)
      - The Hero of Winds (TWW, NT)
      - The Hero of Four (FS, FSA)
      - The Hero of the Minish (MC)
      - The Chosen Hero (TP)

Rough Date



The distant past (Possibly 5000 B.H.)

As legends tell, the Three Golden Goddesses Din, Nayru and Farore create the world of Hyrule and all the life in it. Before departing for the heavens, they leave behind a source of providence for the world: the Triforce, three golden triangles that can grant anything their holder wishes. The resting place of the Triforce becomes the Sacred Realm, and there it waits for the people of Hyrule, in the hope that somebody worthy of its might will find it.

Drawn From


2000 B.H.

As word of the Sacred Realm spreads, greed seizes the people of Hyrule and fighting begins for control of the Sacred Realm. But just as a victor was about to emerge, Interlopers wielding powerful magic appear and try to conquer all. Seeing this, the Goddesses send three Light Spirits to seal the magic of the Interlopers who are then banished into the Twilight Realm.

Drawn from TP

1300 B.H.

In the small land south of Death Mountain, the kingdom of Hyrule is founded by the Hylia, the chosen people of the Goddesses, with the guidance of the advanced Oocca.

Guess from TP

600 B.H

Hyrule is raided by fierce monsters. From the heavens the Picori bring the hero of the folk a sword and a golden light. With wisdom and courage the hero sealed the evil with his sword and the golden light was entrusted to the Princess of Hyrule.

Drawn From MC

112 B.H.

Link (who would become the Hero of the Minish) and Zelda are born in Hyrule

Guess from MC

100 B.H.

As every one hundred years, the passage to the heavenly realm of the Picori opens in Hyrule. The evil Vaati searching for the Light Force takes advantage of the situation to break both the seal and the Picori Blade and turn Princess Zelda into stone. The young boy Link finds Ezlo, a being cursed in the form a cap that can reduce him to the size of a Picori and on the Kings order begins a quest to restore the Picori Blade and defeat Vaati. Eventually with four elements he manages to make the Picori Blade into the Four Sword and rescue Zelda by defeating Vaati whom had taken part of the Light Force from her. With the remaining Light Force and the Mages Cap Vaati had stolen, Zelda returns everything to the way it should be, and Ezlo the Picori can return home.


0 A.H.

The Book of Mudora, which compiles many legends of Hyrule, is written.

Ancient Sages, including Rauru the Sage of Light, wary of what would happen should the Triforce be taken by one of evil heart, seal the entrance to the hidden Sacred Realm where the Triforce lies, using (and presumably forging) the Master Sword, which is put to rest in the Temple of Time in the kingdom of Hyrule. The Triforce is now kept in the Temple of Light in the middle of the Sacred Realm.

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275 A.H.

By now, none but the Hylian royal family know for sure where the Triforce is hidden and lust for its might once more grows strong. Before long, this turmoil makes the races of Hyrule attack each other, intending to locate the Sacred Realm and be the first allowed into it. Hyrule is thus engulfed by a fierce civil war.

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278 A.H.

Link (who would become Hero of Time) and Zelda are born in Hyrule. To protect her child from the war, Link's mother takes him to the forest south east. She dies from her wounds, but the Great Deku Tree takes her child in, and he is raised as a Kokiri.

Drawn From


288 A.H.

The King of Hyrule manages to pacify the several races now co-existing in Hyrule. Yet, this will only slow down the decline of the Hylia. Ganondorf, King of the Gerudo people, secretly continues to search for the Triforce.

Drawn from OoT

290 A.H.

Link is sent by the Deku Tree to meet Zelda. She sends Link on a quest to beat Ganondorf in his search for the Triforce. After finding the three Spiritual Stones from the Deku Tree (who dies cursed), Gorons and Zora, Link opens the entrance to the Sacred Realm by drawing the Master Sword, but it seals his spirit in the Temple of Light for seven years until he is old enough to be the Hero of Time. Meanwhile, Ganondorf and his band of thieves too enter the Sacred Realm. Ganondorf gets the Triforce of Power, the Triforce of Wisdom goes to Princess Zelda, and the Triforce of Courage goes to Link.



After defeating Ganon in the other timeline, Link is returned to before he took the Master Sword. He goes to meet Princess Zelda and warn her not to try taking the Triforce (that still is in the Sacred Realm, even though Link took the future Triforce of Courage with him into the past).

Thus the door of time is not opened and the Master Sword not removed; barring Ganondorf from entering the Sacred Realm.




While Link sleeps, Ganondorf conquers Hyrule with the Triforce of Power and becomes its Evil King. After seven years, Link returns as the Hero of Time. Saving the Sages, he combines his power with their own and defeats Ganondorf. The Evil King uses the Triforce to become Ganon and tries to prevent Zelda from joining the Sages, but Link holds him off long enough for them to seal him in the Sacred Realm, now Evil Realm. Zelda then sends Link back in time to regain his lost years.


291 A.H.

Links tale is held in memory by the Royal Family. The hero departs to find a beloved friend, and fate leads him to another quest in the parallel world of Termina. Leaving Hyrule, Link loses the future Triforce of Courage, which returns to its proper place and time, after he defeated Ganon.

Link saves Termina from the evil of Majora's Mask.


297 A.H.

Eventually, Links Triforce of Courage returns to its proper time and place, scattering throughout Hyrule.

Drawn From



320 A.H.

Unable to find his way into the Sacred Realm, Ganondorf wages war on Hyrule, but without the Triforce of Power he is captured and executed by the Sages. However, on the moment of his death, he mysteriously receives the Power of the Gods, which allows him to survive and kill one of his executors. The remaining Sages hurriedly banish him to the Twilight Realm.

Drawn from TP

364 A.H.

Link (who would become the Chosen Hero) and Zelda are born in Hyrule.

Guess from TP





380 A.H.

Invaders from the Twilight Realm, led by usurper Zant, seize Hyrule castle and enshroud all of Hyrule into an unnatural Twilight; unaware, people are changed into mere spirits. A youth named Link, with the birthmark of the Triforce on his hand, is captured when the Twilight reaches his village in the southern forest, but he changes into a wolf. The rightful ruler of the Twili, Midna rescues him and pushes him into undertaking a quest to save his friends and Hyrule by lifting Twilight (helping the Light Spirits who reveal that Link has been blessed at birth with the Power of the Gods) and collecting the sealed magic power of the Interlopers, the Fused Shadow. Zant however steals it from Link and curses him. Zelda uses her own Power of the Gods to save the wounded Midna and tells Link to obtain the Master Sword in order to break his curse. He does and to reach Zant starts collecting the pieces of the Twilight Mirror (that he learns from the Sages was once used to banish Ganondorf in the Twilight Realm, but recently fragmented by Zant). Link is successful and they kill Zant after recovering the Fused Shadow. Ganondorf however has returned to Hyrule using Zant as his pawn, and a final showdown takes place in Hyrule Castle. In the end Link manages to save Zelda and kill Ganondorf. Midna who sacrificed herself is revived by the Light Spirits and returns home, shattering the Twilight Mirror so that none may turn the two worlds against one another ever again.





380 A.H.

Through the course of Link and Midna's adventure, Ganondorfs evil supposedly turns the Sacred Realm into a Dark World because of his connection with the Triforce (that was granted to him before he was sealed into the Twilight Realm by the Sages).

Drawn from TP FSA

468 A.H.

Link (who would become the Hero of Four) and Zelda are born in Hyrule.

Guess from FS




480 A.H.

Zelda accompanied by Link goes to check the Four Swords seal over Vaati. The seal was broken and Vaati kidnaps Zelda. Link using the sword splits into four and undertakes a quest to defeat Vaati, eventually sealing him back into the sword.





482 A.H.

Dark clouds cover Hyrule. Zelda and the other six Shrine Maidens check again Vaatis seal but Dark Link appears and kidnaps them. With no other choice, Link retrieves the Four Sword to fight his dark self but in doing so frees Vaati. Link goes to save all of the maidens and on the way finds out that the mastermind isnt Vaati, but the reborn Ganondorf. He found a different way to enter the Dark World, once Sacred Realm, using an artifact known as the Trident of Power and thus obtained the Triforce. To take over the Light World he had Vaati freed by copies of Link created using the Dark Mirror in which the Dark Tribe that enshrined the Trident was imprisoned. Link managed to defeat all the monster put against him, including the ghosts of the Knights of Hyrule that fell before Ganondorfs might. From them he received Royal Jewels necessary to enter the Tower of Winds and reach Vaatis palace. There he could finally slay Vaati, but then Ganon, King of Evil, confronted him. After a long battle Link, Zelda and the maidens managed to seal Ganon in the Four Sword.





484 A.H.

Because the Four Sword could barely contain Vaatis power, it was evident Ganon would eventually break free. When this was about to occur, it was decided to seal the sword and Ganon, as well as his minions, into his Dark World. The battle fought by the Hero of Four combined with the legend of the Hero of Time became known as the Imprisoning War.

Drawn from FSA ALttP




584 A.H.

Link (who would become the Hero of Legend) and Zelda are born in Hyrule.

Guess from ALttP




599 A.H.

Many disasters suddenly befall Hyrule.

Drawn from ALttP




600 A.H.

The wizard Agahnim stops the disasters, and is made Heir to the Seven. He secretly kills the King takes his place, and begins sending the descendants of the Sages into the Dark World to free Ganon. Zelda telepathically pleads for Links help. He comes to her aid, fighting Agahnim with the Master Sword he managed to retrieve, but the wizard is able to break the Seven Sages' Seal. Not giving up, Link succeeds in saving all of the descendants from the Dark World, including Zelda, and finally destroy Ganon. He then claims the Triforce and with it Link restores Hyrule to the way it was before Agahnim came, also redeeming the Dark World.


600 A.H.

Ganondorf escapes his imprisonment and puts Hyrule under siege. The people remembering the legend of the Hero of Time, hope for him to return, but no hero appears. They plead then the gods, and these seal Hyrule in time below a layer of flooding rain. Only those deemed worthy are guided by the gods to the mountaintops so life may continue.

Drawn from TWW

601 A.H.

The people of Hyrule fear what threats may arise from Ganon's ashes. Ever vigilant, Link leaves on a journey of enlightenment.

Later upon sailing back from his successful journey, a sudden squall destroys his ship, and Link finds himself on the island of Koholint. There he fights Nightmares to gather eight Instruments and awake the Wind Fish. In the end Koholint Island, the Wind Fishs dream, disappears and Link is left drifting on the remains of his ship, likely back to Hyrule.





601 A.H.

While Link is at sea, Ganon is indeed revived. Fortunately a hero from another world steps in and kill him with the power of eight Ancient Stone Tablets. Ganons presence soils the Dark World again.





656 A.H.

With the united Triforce a new king rules justly.

Link (who would become Hero of the Essences) and Zelda are born, probably both in Hyrule.

Drawn from AoL and Oracles




670 A.H.

The Triforce sends Link on a quest in Holodrum. There, Link opposes Onox who wrought destruction upon the land by disrupting the seasons. Link succeeds and saves Din, the Oracle of Seasons, but still the Flame of Destruction is lit.





670 A.H.

The Triforce sends Link on another quest in Labrynna. Link saves Nayru Oracle of Ages and prevents Veran from disrupting time in Labrynna, but cannot stop the Flames of Sorrow and Despair from being lit. Princess Zelda comes to Labrynna to aid Link but Twinrova, the mastermind, kidnaps her, intending to use her pure body and the flames to revive Ganon. Link defeats Twinrova, but the latter sacrifices herself to revive Ganon. Link then battles a raging mindless Evil King and ultimately triumphs saving Zelda.





670 A.H.

The people of Hyrule fear what threats may again arise from Ganon's ashes. Link leaves on a journey of enlightenment. His friends and even the Triforce witness his departure.

Drawn from Oracles LA




671 A.H.

Before his death, the King of Hyrule hides the Triforce of Courage, and seals it behind a binding force. Inheriting only part of the Triforce, his son has a wizard question Zelda. Refusing to speak, the princess is put into eternal sleep by the wizard. Repent, the prince seals her away and orders for every princess in the royal family to be named Zelda, so this tragedy would never be forgotten.

Drawn from AoL




672 A.H.

Upon completing his journey, Link sails back to Hyrule. However, a sudden squall destroys his ship, and Link reaches the same timeless place as his predecessor: the island of Koholint. There he fights Nightmares to gather eight Instruments and awake the Wind Fish. In the end Koholint Island, the Wind Fishs dream, disappears and Link is left drifting on the remains of his ship.





880 A.H.

Ganon returns (perhaps because not killed with a silver arrow).

Immediately he begins preparing an assault with his army of monsters. The world enters an Age of Chaos.

Drawn from HF


888 A.H.

Link (who would become the Hero of Winds) and Tetra are born on the Great Sea.

Drawn from TWW

888 A.H.

Link (who would become Hero of Hyrule) and Zelda are born, presumably in different countries.

Drawn from AoL

900 A.H.

Ganon's army seizes Hyrule and steals the Triforce of Power. Wary of his wicked rule, Zelda divides the Triforce of Wisdom and hides its pieces in eight underworld labyrinths. Ganon kidnaps her, but fortunately a young hero from afar appears and chooses to embark on a quest throughout Hyrule. The youth manages to gather the Triforce of Wisdom from the monsters ridden labyrinths and use it to confront Ganon, finally defeating him and thus saving Princess Zelda and recovering the Triforce of Power as well.



900 A.H.

Link, aided by the pirate Tetra and the King of Hyrule in disguise, embarks on a quest to save his mistakenly kidnapped sister from Ganondorf, who partially escaped the gods seal. The boy travels below the Great Sea to Hyrule and retrieves the Master Sword, restoring the flow of time but also breaking the seal on Ganondorf completely. Tetra is revealed to be Zelda, Keeper of Wisdom and once Link restores the Master Sword (through the help of two Sages) and finds the Triforce of Courage, the princess helps him fight Ganondorf. In a desperate position, the King of Hyrule steals Ganondorfs wish and asks the Triforce to grant hope to Link, Zelda and their world above. Ganondorf is killed and the King drowns with Hyrule.

Link and Tetra set out on a journey to find a new land beyond the ocean.


902 A.H.

Although Ganon was defeated, Hyrule continues on the road to ruin. A war with fierce Dragons menaces to tear apart the land. The young Link heroically slays them himself after they kidnapped Zelda and stole part of the Triforce.



900 A.H.

During his adventure, Link would occasionally be tested by Tetra and her crew (with the cooperation of his friends and the King) to see if he could become a real pirate.

Link always passed brilliantly.


904 A.H.

Ganon's minions are still a menace to Hyrule; their goal to revive the evil one by sacrificing the hero, pouring the blood on Ganons ashes. On the day of Links 16th birthday a Triforce mark appears on his hand. Concerned, he goes to see Impa, Zeld'a old wise nursemaid, who tells him about the ancient Princess Zelda still under the sleeping spell. After dispelling the binding force by braving 6 Palaces, Link obtains the Triforce of Courage from the Great Palace in the Valley of Death, and with the united Triforce awakens Zelda and brings peace to Hyrule after marrying her.