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May the way of the Hero lead to the Triforce

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09/18/17A while ago, Qwertymodo from made great effort with great success to fix the pcm:s for bszelda msu-1 and adjust the volume. Unfortunately, he made bszelda and little affected also AST pcm files a bit too silent. The settings were made to ALTTP volume where the music is in the background and the sfx in the foreground. This made it hard in bszelda map1/2 to understand what is said, when e.g. throwing the sword. The sfx covered the msu voice. I amplified now the files by qwerty for map1/2 by 7.5 db and AST by 3.5 db. It should be much better now to understand the voices. The links for the msu-1 pcm files are the same (get it from the msu-1 patch file readme) and re-download, then you have the new amplified files.

07/16/17 SmashManiac created an impressive new Translation for Map1 and Map2. All prepatched roms (official/TQ,FQ/Link versions, MottZilla) updated!

11/15/16 Both the official BS Zelda Map1 and Map2, as well AST have been updated: After completing successfully week 4 and you restart this week, Ganon is reset, so you can also enjoy the bad ending without needing to start a new quest. Furthermore your next tablet is now shown correctly on the map in AST (glitched when restarting a week in older versions).

10/31/16 Small MSU-1 video change. The video of BS Zelda Map1 shows now the boy; Map2 remains the girl. Also in AST, week 2 and 4 show now the girl mascott, while the boy remains in week 1 and 3 video. If you want to replace your videos, redownload the MSU-1package from the extern cloud storaga (link is the same, find it in the readme inside the MSU-1 patch folders).

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May the way of the Hero lead to the Triforce

For all of you who don`t know this, the BS Zeldas are Zelda games for the Satellaview, with not so familiar overworlds and completely new dungeons. These games were only playable in Japan and only for a few hours. This page's objective is to allow everybody to experience these wonderful games providing you patches meant to fix any flaw in emulation, or even to simply improve your enjoyment of the games.

Confused? Don't know what a Satellaview is or why it only allowed to play these games for a short time? You can find out all that and more in this video made by Roo from Clan of the Gray Wolf as part of his "16 Bits Gems" series

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May the way of the Hero lead to the Triforce

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