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May the way of the Hero lead to the Triforce

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12/25/20 Merry Christmas everyone or, for those who don't celebrate it, happy holidays! We have presents! A new dump of the first BS Zelda's Map 1 Week 4 has been dumped by sanmaiwashi and made available to us by LuigiBlood. It's from a later rebroadcast of the game and includes features we had previously only seen in Map 2 (cosmetic stuff, like a sound effect when opening the door to the last battle). If you want to try it out, it's in the files page under original roms. Unfortunately none of our patches are compatible with it, so you'll have to load it from the BS-X Bios (which can be found here).
For something more accessible, Vel has made a new quest for Zelda Classic which recreates the first quest of the original NES game but using prototype graphics from BS Zelda's early phases of development. Give it a spin if you want to see how the game was like in its infancy!

09/20/20 ...what's with all this unexpected activity as of late? Beats me, but we have yet another update: as mentioned last time, DarkShade has kindly taken it upon himself to clean up some of the screens that were inserted into the games to recreate the opening and title screens. Specifically, it's the BS-X St.Giga Logo in both games, the screen with the old man (Sahasrahla, we assume) inviting you to Hyrule in Ancient Stone Tablets and the title screen. The title screen is the most changed, replacing Master Sword with a tablet, fixing the hue and more. Well, these new screens are now available in the games themselves. Fir the original BS Zelda (Map 1 and Map 2) the improved BS-X Logo has been updated within the existing patches and pre-patched game, so all you have to do is redownload those. For Ancient Stone Tablets, because the change is much more drastic, it was decided to offer this as a separate optional patch. On the other hand, since the changes in the Japanese screen weren't nearly as pronounced, the patch for that has been simply updated too.

09/12/20 Unexpected, smaller update today, but still very nice: Darkshade has taken up the task of polishing the intro screens from Ancient Stone Tablets. Scroll down the pictures page and you can have a look at them. We also added sprites for beta Pols Voice in the pictures page of the other BS Zelda.

09/01/20 One last update for this batch. The files pages for Map 1 and Map 2 have been reorganized slightly due to the merging of several patches. This should make patching the game up a less daunting process (but have no fear, the original patches are still archived, should anyone wish to play a less complete version of the game).
More importantly, Con has decided to tweak the Link version with some more improvements. Most notable is that there is now a compatible MSU patch, to play the game with higher quality music. Additionally, the Link version now features the hints from the old man. This means no more extra time compared to the other versions of the game. Let's face it, those extra minutes made things too easy for returning players and the lack of hints made the game too inscutable to new players. A few lines from these hints have been slightly altered to remove any implications that the protagonist has come from another world, or to include things that were said in the broadcast's opening sequence.
Don't forget: this version of the game now features new bosses that were not present in the original broadcast, Lanmola and Gleeok, miraculously reconstructed by Con. If you haven't checked them out since the last update, you have even more reason to give it a go now!

08/28/20 Only ten days since the last update and we have another great announcement. Mr. Sakurai? Would you do the honors?


That's right, Gleeok too is joining the fray! As was the case for Lanmola, he can be found in level 8. With that, all enemies from the original NES game are now in. Once again, you can find the patch to put him in the game in the files page for both Map 1 and Map 2. And of course, some of the pre-patched versions of the game already feature the new bosses, that is to say, the Link version, Third Quest and Fourth Quest.
Speaking of which, the Magic Key in Third and Fourth Quest has been updated to match the one found in the early assets of the game. And on the topic of early assets, a few new screenshots from those can be found in the pictures page for the first BS Zelda.

08/18/20 Big news today: there's a new enemy for you all to measure yourselves with. That's right, Lanmola is back in town! He awaits any challengers in level 8. Of course you can find the patch to put him in the game in the files page for both Map 1 and Map 2. Some of the pre-patched versions of the game already feature the fiend also, Third Quest, Fourth Quest and the Link version.
Speaking of the Link version, there were problems with the Link patch that Con had modified to make it change only Link and nothing else, so we remade the patch from scratch. In order to faithfully recreate the official Link sprite some others had to have their colors altered slightly, but this version keeps it to a minimum (of course if you want those sprites changed to their prototype state, Asaki's patch is still availabe). Links are the same as above, the file pages for both games and this new version of the patch is pre-applied to the Link version.
Finally, Con made a small change to Third and Fourth Quest. There is now a clue offered to players as to what they should do after obtaining the Last Triforce part.

08/02/20 A long time with no updates. Some fascinating original tiles have surfaced, like Gleeok and Lamnolas, which weren't used in the released game. This includes an official spritesheet for Link, which Asaki proceeded to restore as a patch into the game. Find them for Map 1 and Map 2 below "Interesting Patch files".

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May the way of the Hero lead to the Triforce

For all of you who don`t know this, the BS Zeldas are Zelda games for the Satellaview, with not so familiar overworlds and completely new dungeons. These games were only playable in Japan and only for a few hours. This page's objective is to allow everybody to experience these wonderful games providing you patches meant to fix any flaw in emulation, or even to simply improve your enjoyment of the games.

Confused? Don't know what a Satellaview is or why it only allowed to play these games for a short time? You can find out all that and more in this video made by Roo from Clan of the Gray Wolf as part of his "16 Bits Gems" series

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May the way of the Hero lead to the Triforce

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