Apocryphal Volume Title 2: The Wand of Gamelon

Apocryphal Volume Title 2: The Wand of Gamelon

One day like any other a dreadful message reached the castle: Ganon freed from his papery prison had seized Gamelon. King Harkinian immediately decided to help his brother, the Duke Onklet, and moved with Hyrules army toward the island. Before leaving he asked Link for the Triforce of Courage and the hero loyal to his king agreed without objections.

However after a month no words had reached the castle and Zelda, Harkinians daughter, became worried enough to send Link too.

Days passed and Zelda was unable to wait any longer, one night she woke Impa and after taking the Triforce of Wisdom the two of them ventured to the island.

They went to Sakado and found that many of the villagers had been kidnapped and locked away within Tikogy Tower and also, through the Triforce of Wisdom, that the King had been captured and Link was cornered in a terrible fight. During her quest on the island Zelda freed the people of Sakado and was helped by other villagers too. So with the equipment she had obtained from the islanders she faced the Shrine of Gamelon and retrieved its wand.

Reaching Dodomai Castle she discovered the terrible truth: her uncle was responsible for the defeat of Hyrules army; he had betrayed them all and helped Ganon capturing her father (Ganon was probably keeping the King alive to use him as a hostage or an example for other rulers). Zelda did not even had to threaten him: once again he betrayed his ally (Ganon this time) to save his life and gave Zelda the key of Reesong Palace.

Finally ready, Zelda challenged Ganon inside of his palace; she was no match for the King of Evil but she was clever enough to use the Wand of Gamelon and summon the book of Koridai in which Ganon was once again chained.

One thing was still unresolved: what of Link's whereabouts? But then, shattering the mirror of an arrogant Noble Lady of Gamelon, Zelda freed a surprised Link from his prison of glass (Ganon had probably locked him in it, as payback for his being imprisoned in a book, while trying to figure out a way of taking the Triforce of Courage from him; not knowing that King Harkinian had it).

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