07/11/19 A promotional ad showing an early version of the title screen for Ancient SAtone Tablets has been found hidden inside another BS-X game. You can see it at the end of this video or you can find a pixel perfect screenshot in the pictures page for the game.
This picture is also hacked into the japanese restoration of AST: downlaod the official version, then the Japanese Restoration Translation patch and apply japa_wX_title.ips).
Also, a video with early footage of the first BS Zelda has surfaced. You can see some snapshots taken from it in the pictures page for the first game.

01/14/19 We've got quite the update today, the original BS Zelda can now be played with location-specific MSU music replacing the original SNES audio! A clatification to avoid any possible confusion: we already made it possible quite a while ago to have MSU music in the game, but it was tied to the timer not what was happening in the game, so that it could be exactly like in the original broadcast. Now you also have the option to instead have high quality music replace each track present in the game, as they play according to what happens in the game (that is to say, you'll have one track playing if you're on the overworld, a different one while inside dungeons and so on. Of course going with this option means there won't be voice acting).
New patches for this are available of course for Map 1 and Map 2 as well (or you can go directly to the GoogleDrive with this link for map 1 and this link for map 2).
Inside each zip file you'll find everything you need, not just the music but also the pre-patched game. Extract them in their separate folders and boot up the game with an MSU capable emulator (such as snes9x 1.55 or bsnes+ 0.73). It's as simple as that!
But that's not all the news we have to announce today. Some mistakes were spotted in the indoor restorations for Ancient Stone Tablets (nothing that affected gameplay, just some walls that didn't look quite right). So if that sort of thing bothers you, then consider redownloading the game and, this time, everything should look perfectly right (one thing to note, the correction has been up for some time now, so if you downloaded the game after December 20 you don't have to worry about it).

08/15/18 There was an annoying thing left to fix for the music in AST. It respawned (reset) e.g., when in Kakariko Village walking to the smith and back, when calling a bird, good ending theme in Week 4, etc. All those respawns shoulf be fixed in the new versions of AST.

10/10/17 And again a MSU-1 project is finished: This one is for AST, the SPC Replacement MSU1 patch replaces the spc with orchestrated audio (ALBW/Parallel Worlds themes interpretation by Qwertymodo, download link in the word readme inside the zip). Other than the English dub, where you have one hour straight forward audio with speech, this one substitutes the original spc with orchestrated themes. Means, just like in the spc version, the music will change e.g., when leaving a dungeon to the overworld.

10/04/17 The next MSU-1 project is finished: Third and Fourth Quest can now be played with CD-Quality background music! Check it out: The TQ MSU-1 patch and the FQ MSU-1 patch (by Pekvoss/Conn). The patched rom is already part of the download file so you can simply load it with sd2snes/snes9x 1.55 and/or bsnes. A higan manifest is also included

09/18/17 A while ago, Qwertymodo from made great effort with great success to fix the pcm:s for bszelda msu-1 and adjust the volume. Unfortunately, he made bszelda and little affected also AST pcm files a bit too silent. The settings were made to ALTTP volume where the music is in the background and the sfx in the foreground. This made it hard in bszelda map1/2 to understand what is said, when e.g. throwing the sword. The sfx covered the msu voice. I amplified now the files by qwerty for map1/2 by 7.5 db and AST by 3.5 db. It should be much better now to understand the voices. The links for the msu-1 pcm files are the same (get it from the msu-1 patch file readme) and re-download, then you have the new amplified files.

07/16/17 SmashManiac created an impressive new Translation for Map1 and Map2. All prepatched roms (official/TQ,FQ/Link versions, MottZilla) updated!

11/15/16 Both the official BS Zelda Map1 and Map2, as well AST have been updated: After completing successfully week 4 and you restart this week, Ganon is reset, so you can also enjoy the bad ending without needing to start a new quest. Furthermore your next tablet is now shown correctly on the map in AST (glitched when restarting a week in older versions).

10/31/16 Small MSU-1 video change. The video of BS Zelda Map1 shows now the boy; Map2 remains the girl. Also in AST, week 2 and 4 show now the girl mascott, while the boy remains in week 1 and 3 video. If you want to replace your videos, redownload the MSU-1package from the extern cloud storaga (link is the same, find it in the readme inside the MSU-1 patch folders).

10/02/16 Finally... the AST MSU1 project has been finished as well! Just alike BS Zelda, it offers a full restoration of the radio program that originally played during the game with 4 hours of restored music and voice acting. Download the official versions and the msu1 patch for AST. You find a readme file in the msu1 patch folder, read it carefully. In the readme you also find the location of the pcm:s! The mission this site began in 1999 is with this release accomplished! With this fantastic news, I (Conn) will now retire for good! :-)

06/21/16 Wow. We accomplished the BS Zelda msu1 project... at last! Full restoration of the radio program that originally played during the game. 4 hours of restored music and voice acting, dubbed in English for your listening pleasure!!! Download the official versions and the msu1 patch for Map1 and/or Map2. You find a readme file in the msu1 patch folder, read it carefully. In the readme you also find the location of the pcm:s!

11/23/15 Christmas has come one month earlier this year for BS-X fans! We have patches for not one but three different new games!
First off is BS Super Mario USA Power Challenge, a "remix" of the 16 bits version of Super Mario Bros 2 (from Super Mario All Stars), featuring a new story, timed events and a treasure hunt. Con has released a patch to fix the intro sequence and restore the in-game music from the All Stars original.
Next up more Mario: BS Super Mario Collection a timed version of Super Mario All Stars (unfortunately only the part for Super Mario Bros. 3 is available) that challenges players to get the highest score they can. Con has discovered week 2 hidden within the data of week 3, thus making the first half of the two Super Mario Bros. 3 weeks playable!
Lastly we have BS F-Zero Grand Prix a timed remix of the original F-Zero with all new cars running on familiar and original tracks, challenging players to continously improve their times. The game was previously unplayable as it would hang up on the first screen, but Con has managed to fix that as well as restore the in-game music (again replacing the missing broadcast audio)
Not much left for me to say but... merry December, have fun!

10/28/15 blyn has offered a French Translation patch for both AST Official and MQ versions!

10/07/15 Colines and SmashManiac just released the pcm:s for week2 of BSZelda voiceactings. All bsnes players can continue their quest, while sd2snes are requested to re-patch the latest official versions at the Map1 and Map2 files page with the msu-1 patch available on the pages as well. There was a desync of 4 seconds found affecting sd2snes only which is fixed with the latest version. The week 2 tracks are available on the usual cloud:
If you already played week1, just download bazelda_map#-3.pcm and download bazelda_map#-7.pcm

09/14/15 Long time no update but behind the curtain, some major efforts were accomplished for the final restoration project: The msu-1 support. We gathered all voice actings and now after Scratcher took the first milestone, Colines and SmashManiac have released the first week of Map1/2. The remaining weeks and also AST will follow soon. If you do not know what MSU-1 is and what it is capable of, watch this Video.
Implementing it is not difficult, however, it is supported only on bsnes, higan and sd2snes. Download the latest official versions at the Map1 and Map2 files pages and also download the msu-1 patch available on the pages as well. Follow the steps in the msu-1 patch tutorial and also not forget to apply the emulation patch in case you use bsnes or higan. The week 1 tracks are available on these cloud:

03/04/15 Nearly all roms and patches have undergone some further bugfixing. In AST we added further saves to the minute save (rupees, bombs, etc.), fixed a key saving bug, improved rh compatibility. Also the msu-1 project takes shape as Scratcher provides translated videos and the music backbone for voiceacting (check our forums). Furthermore we created a hack for bszelda1 that restores the original japanese script which was messed up by hacks by DN and Conn. Anybody is advised to redownload the latest official versions of Map1, Map2, as well as AST.

01/20/15 Again some nice fixes for Map1 and Map2: All versions (Official, TQ/FQ, Link versions) are now 100% navigable in the menu on RH! Also we provide some patches that lets you play map1 data in the technical advanced map2 rom (Map2. If you are interested in MSU-1 redownload the latest versions as well! .

12/24/14 Just in time for christmas, both the official (restoration) as well as the msu-1 patch have undergone major bugfixing. Please redownload both. Map1 and Map2 at the file pages. Several playtests proved the games bug free now.

12/10/14 Yet another important hack for bszelda1! Now you have the possibility to enable MSU-1 with optional video. Please redownload the prepatched restoration roms (map1 and map2) with the update done yesterday, as it was incomplete (outro texts lacked the spc support) and the new MSU-1 patches at the Map1 and Map2 file pages (the msu-1 hack download link is directly located below the prepatched restoration roms, as this patch only works with this version) .

12/09/14 Thanks to DJ Emergency for remastering the original bszelda 1 broadcast music and Trovsky for converting it into spc, we were able to insert a new spc theme ("Fortune Teller theme") that is played during the old-man introduction text slide. This patch is preapplied on BSZelda restoration rom map1 as well as map2. You can find all hacks on the files pages of Map1 and Map2.

11/22/14 - Apply the AST native bugfixes to fix some bugs original programmers have overseen (Kholdstare shell fading, Mothulla's invulnerability, reseting glove palette to skin color when opening the map and such. You can find the patch and the complete list on the files page (optional patches 12).

11/15/14 -The AST MSU patch has been undergone some fixes. Also 2 brand new patches are available:
This grab items with sword patch lets you grab items with your sword (seen e.g., in Minish Cap)
By applying this cancel flute transport patch you can On the flute warp select map, after calling the bird, it will transport you with Y and X but you can cancel with A and B (and return to the place from which you called the bird).
The Master Quest versions have been prepatched. You can find the patches on the files page (optional patches 10 and 11).

10/24/14 -The AST MSU patch is now sd2snes compatible!

09/27/14 - Remember the L2 magic meter patch for Ancient Stone Tablets by Con to activate an unused features that was left in the code of both this game and A Link to the Past: a second upgrade for the Magic Meter. Just as the first one halved your magic consumption, this reduces it to a fourth. We've made it so that it's triggered by rescuing the priest in Week 3.
This patch now has been updated: before, the priest always gave you already the L2 magic meter, making the bat pretty much obsolete. The new version will let the priest give you one upgrade and the bat the other, completely independent from each other.
You can find it in the files page and it's also been applied to the pre-patched Master Quest version of the game (also week2, where you first can encounter the bat must be patched to avoid bugs).

06/29/14 - Thanks to the surfacing of new videos for Map 1, it has been possible to obtain better stills of the artworks used in the intro and end of each week. Most importantly, it turned out that later weeks had different artworks used for their introductions!
With these videos from MakuChan and scans from Melora, we could make a much improved version of the restoration patch (both for Map1 and Map2) including every single screen and at far better quality (and a few bugs that had gone unnoticed were fixed too). So go ahead and enjoy!
(The videos themselves will also be posted soon, for now we wanted to hurry and put the new patch up ;)

04/25/14 - Some great news: The Real Hardware compatibility of both, bszelda and AST was significantly improved. You can now play AST flawlessly on any rh system! BSzelda (TQ/FQ/Link versions and restoration) are also playable on RH but some bugs are still persisting (menu navigation, some displaced sfx and gfx. But you can play the game from start to the end now on RH as well! Download the new prepatched roms at the Map1 or Map2 files page, as well as at the AST files page. Furthermore, an embedded video stream was coded for the MSU for AST. It can be used to replace the intro and thus make playing AST quite similar to the original experience (once the Voice Acting is recorded, for which a crew is still needed).

04/06/14 - This MSU patch enables msu streaming for Ancient Stone Tablets with bsnes 0.68 (included in the zip). Currently no voice acting is available, however this patch lets you stream any wav file. So it is a perfect base for remastering the original voice acting, once this project is picked up again.

12/18/13 - And yet another awesome AST patch by Con gives us a feature from A Link to the Past GBA: the Hurricane Spin!
This upgrade to the whirlwind attack comes with the Master Sword and as usual with patches that customize the game, it's been pre-applied to the Master Quest version of the game. Head to the Ancient Stone Tablets files page if you want to check it out.

10/15/13 - Here's another small but neat patch for Ancient Stone Tablets by Con. This one activates an unused features that was left in the code of both this game and A Link to the Past: a second upgrade for the Magic Meter. Just as the first one halved your magic consumption, this reduces it to a fourth. We've made it so that it's triggered by rescuing the priest in Week 3.
You can find it in the files page and it's also been applied to the pre-patched Master Quest version of the game.

08/14/13 - It's been a while but we've got quite the update today. First off, Kiddo Cabusses has created a SoundCloud account with all the music used in Ancient Stone Tablets (and some of those featured in the original BS Zelda) in loseless FLAC format.
Secondly, the German translation of MottZilla's BS Zelda version has been updated by KillBill_158 so that it works with the new version of Mottzilla's Real Hardware patch (the one that combined Map 1 and Map 2). But for those who prefer to stick to the old version, it's still there in the same zip file.
Moving on, a couple new theories have been posted in the BS Zelda Timeline Theories page both quite intriguing and controversial.
Finally, and I've kept the best for last... a new patch!
Con made a whole bunch of patches for ALttP which will probably be found on RomHacking.not sooner or later... but more to the point, he's then converted one of those to work on Ancient Stone Tablets!
This Pot Smashing patch allows you to break pots using your sword (and before you ask, yes, even while charging with the Pegasus Boots) so long as it's a level 2 sword or more. Trust me, it may not be a big deal but it's a lot of fun. Enjoy!

03/15/13 - Here's a little administrative update. We updated the About Emulation to a more to date standard and added a compatibility list for which game is suited for which system to play with. We are very grateful to all testers who participated like JoeSteve1914, RedScorpion, MasterOfPuppets and Tre. Furthermore, we opened a new page, BS Zelda Timeline Theories where people can have their versions about canon issues posted, also the Official Zelda Storyline got an update, so check it out. Thanks to JoeSteve1914 for his template pic!

02/27/13 - Thanks to FirebrandX, dehadin, Plasma Captain and wiiqwertyuiop for their role making this hack possible, the spc that plays during the waitsigns has been finalized and was successfully hacked into the games. Now, whenever the waitsigns pop up, you will hear music similar to the original broadcasts. Download the freshly pre-patched official Map1 and Map2 at their file pages. The patch itself will not be merged with the restoration patch but can be downloaded as a separate file at the files pages as well.

01/20/13 - The Anti-Monster Respawn patch has been finally finished playtested by MasterOfPuppets. Now the game saves the amount of monsters defeated for at least 6 screens and so the gameplay is more fluid and less annoying. After several bugs fixed it is now ready for release. You can download the prepatched Third and Fourth Quest at the files pages for Map1 and Map2. For the other prepatched versions (like the official) we offer only optional patches, since this feature wasn't part in the original versions of the games. If bugs are found, please report them.

01/06/13 - Again a major revision of our Article Section has been made. With the help of Joesteve1914 all non-English articles have been translated into a new graphic, that match the original.

01/01/13 - Happy new year everyone! To complement the recent addition of the complete voice acting translation for both games, we've also decided to provide rtf files containing the original Japanese transcription. You can find them right under the links to each week's translations in the file pages.

12/28/12 - Anti-Monster spam: We now offer a patch that prevents defeated monsters from respawning. You must at least have visited 6 new screens until they reappear. This patch is beta because it isn't completely bug-tested. Try it out by downloading the prepatched roms. Most important is to play third and fourth quest since these games will be prepatched, for the official version it will remain an optional patch since these games should stay as original as possible. If you find any bugs, please don't forget to report them.

12/25/12 - Merry Christmas everyone! As usual we bear gifts! In the file pages for both games, you can now find complete voice acting translations (along with videos of the original broadcast) for the original BS The Legend of Zelda as well as Ancient Stone tablets!
Enjoy! And if you feel up to it, drop by the forum and take part in the auditions for the English re-recording of AST!

12/21/12 - On this apocalyptic friday, we offer a new and special improvement! The wave file of the waiting sign music by FirebrandX has been converted to midi by Dehadin. We were able to spc this midi and hacked it inside the rom with the help of wiiqwertyuiop! So now you can enjoy a new, close to original audio experience while playing BS Zelda! However, this is a preliminary rom. The midi needs to be improved to get even closer to the original and we would like to add a second midi (from the beginning with the Fortune Teller) which we unfortunately however have not yet ripped. So the final version will wait but you can already test how it will feel like by downloading these versions of Map1/2.

12/11/12 - Thanks to our new hero, FirebrandX, we now have the theme that is played during the waitsigns in our music themes collection! Thanks to his effort, it sounds marvelous! We hope that we are able to convert it into spc format and ingame it, so it can be heard during the gameplay.

10/28/12 - The Article Section has undergone a major revision. With many thanks to Blusun, MadHatter, Alexonay and others, all atricles that were not in English are now completely translated from Japanese, Spanish or Italian.

10/16/12 - Today there are 2 new nice updates:
(1) We have collected some of the music themes that were broadcasted via SoundLink and can be heard in the original video. Though the collection is incomplete, these tracks will become unrenounceable when it comes to the Voice Acting of Map1/2. Thanks to FireBrandX (for remastering some tracks), KiddoCabbusses and joesteve1914 for finding them!
(2) MadHatter provided 4 new articles, which he found in japanese magazines!

10/14/12 - The Voice Acting Project by SmashManiac launches! While for Map1/2 still some important themes are required, we have everything needed for AST to start: patches and music themes. The only thing missing are enthusistaic persons that have a good voice to record the interpretation of the character: Be Aginah, Zelda, Fortune Teller, Narrator or the Soldier. Please apply with a sample of your voice (e.g., with a microphone or headset in Win7: click on All Programs, Accessories folder, and double click on Sound Recorder). Attach your sample to your reply in this forum thread.

06/28/12 - The storyline section has undergone a major change. Now that Nintendo has released an official timeline, complete of notes explaining how it is supposed to work, the storyline section of this site no longer needs to focus on presenting a complete timeline with detailed information on all the games. We can leave that to Hyrule Historia and dedicate our attention instead to the BS Zelda games alone. Consequently the entire old storyline section, as it was up to this day, has been archived in favor of a more compact and focused new one.
Soon I will be adding to the text dumps the complete transcription of the voice acting for all BS Zelda games. Once that is done, the storyline section will be considered finalized and there will likely be no more updates to it. It has been a very enjoyable eight years run (the first significant update was in 2000 and the last in 2008), but it is about time we wrap it up.
In unrelated news, the English re-recording of AST's voice acting should begin in the near future, so that's something to look forward to!

05/06/12 - Here's another sram bug fix for the MottZilla patch (v.95)! Be sure to download the freshly prepatched rom at the Map1 or Map2 files page (doesn't matter which link you take or rom you download since the maps are combined)! Read more about this marvellous project at the MottZilla Patch project page.

04/21/12 - MottZilla developed a patch that helps getting through the menu when playing the prepatched Restoration, TQ/FQ or the Link roms on real hardware. Be sure to download the freshly prepatched rom at the Map1 or Map2 files page. This patch doesn't provide complete rh compatibility but is a step in the correct direction without having negative effects on emulation playing.

04/18/12 - Yet another important update for the MottZilla patch in only 2 days! The latest version (v.94) features now dungeon spots marking and a credit screens. Be sure to download the freshly prepatched rom at the Map1 or Map2 files page (doesn't matter which link you take or rom you download since the maps are combined)! Read more about this marvellous project at the MottZilla Patch project page.

04/17/12 - A new desired update of MottZilla patch has been released! The latest version (v.93) features now (next to 100% rh compatibility), also the possibility to play on ZSnes! As far we know it is now compatible with all systems (emulation and rh). Be sure to download the freshly prepatched rom at the Map1 or Map2 files page (doesn't matter which link you take or rom you download since the maps are combined)! Read more about this marvellous project at the MottZilla Patch project page.

03/09/12 - A very small but important update for AST roms that have the intro/end patch applied (4 MB): Master of Puppets increased rh compatibility. If you use real hardware to play this game you should download the latest roms at the AST files page.

03/07/12 - And again a bugfix for AST. Most important is a graphical glitch fix that happened when you walked with a pot against a torch. Furthermore, we fixed a music restart when you are on the overworld map and adjusted the sublines patch that may prevent slightly the slowdowns. Download the freshly patched roms at the AST files page.

02/18/12 - Here's another important update for AST. We fixed graphical glitches emerging from the sublines patch, adjusted the shield to keep it after week 4 and fixed the score calculation in the result screens at the end of each week. This bug fix is quite important for a fluid gameplay, so please ensure to upload the freshly prepatched games at the AST files page.

02/06/12 - Small fix with the time related full Heart Containers in Mottzillas's Patch. Download the prepatched v.92 rom at the Map1 or Map2 files page (doesn't matter which link you take or rom you download since the maps are combined), or at the MottZilla Patch project page.

01/31/12 - The third historical update in row: now for AST! We finally got rid of an awful bug: the mascott that is vanishing below staircases is gone! Furthermore, KiddoCabbusses made a sram enlargement that increases RH compatibility. Additionally, JamesBond007 redeveloped the indoors to make the staircase fix work. Some further improvements have been made concerning the itemfix and e.g., that your rupees are saved during week transition. Be sure to download the latest AST versions (official and masterquest) at the AST files page.

01/15/12 - And yet another update that makes history! After a half year of coordination and development, we were successful to include the correct story of the videos into the roms. With the help of Bluesun and KiddoCabbusses we translated the spoken text in the video. SmashManiac finally made a program that helped us to include updated textboxes with additional text. Finally we included additional screens with the story at the start and end of each week! With this last big hack, I (Con) is going to retire after development of several hacks in nearly 7 years. Thanks for enjoying and supporting.
This patch is applied to the English Restoration prepatched rom only. Download the freshly patched restoration roms at the Map1 and Map2 files page.

01/06/12 - So, here's a project by MottZilla processed, which many fans have been waited for! The former Real Hardware patch has been advanced and is called MottZilla patch now! It features RH compatibility (since it is not based on Roto's or Dreamer_Nom's hack like the other projects), and this is novel and unique: it is the first rom that combines both, Map1 and Map2 into a single rom! Therefore, if you patch the rom yourself, you must take original map 2 rom.
But of course you can download the prepatched rom at the Map1 or Map2 files page (doesn't matter which link you take or rom you download since the maps are combined)! Read more about this marvellous project at the MottZilla Patch project page.

01/02/12 - Apologies for the slight delay BS Zelda fans. I had a complicated first day of the new year. But regardless here's the surprise you were promised.
This is an AD for the original BS Zelda that appeared on the back cover of Famicom Tsushin. No.352. September 15, 1995. It could well be regarded as the only official art produced for the game. Mad Hatter has actually purchased the magazine so that we could get this picture, so let's hear it for him! :)
And with that said, happy new year to all!

12/24/11 - Long time no update and just in time for Christmas... however this year our present is very language specific: a new version of the German Translation for Ancient Stone Tablets. With this, everything will be translated, including the intro and ending screens and subtitles for the (missing) voice acting. You can find it in the files page for AST.
For everybody who doesn't speak German (and those that do as well)... we'll have another surprise for New Year's Eve, so be sure to check the page again after shooting your fireworks ;)
Until then, merry Christmas everybody!

07/23/11 - This small update relates mostly to the Master Quest version of AST. JamesBond007 made an alternative version to the Timeless patch. This new version will still display the clock (but of course loop the last minute until your week's mission is accomplished (found 2 Tablets or defeat Ganon). The old version that hides the timer is of course still available and there has been made a small bugfix (quitting the game during the last minute loop implied the game's ending in the old version). A further bugfix was made to the itemfix patch where the use of the Magic Cape did not drain magic after minute 46 in Week 4. Also a line was corrected in the translation patch of Week 2. Freshly repatched versions of the Master Quest and the patches themselves can be downloaded at AST files page.

07/09/11 - Today we have a few small fixes for the original BS Zelda (both Map 1 and Map 2). Specifically, we have finally managed to correctly translate Zelda closing words at the end of the game (it took three attempts!), we've improved slightly the background of the results screen and corrected a small mistake in the credits.
All the relative pre-patched versions of the game have been upgraded with the above, so you can get those if you don't feel like patching the game yourself.

06/30/11 - A good while ago, we discovered that in the original broadcast of Ancient Stone Tablets, the location of the mole was not always the same. At the time, we assumed the location was changed in occasion of re-broacasts. However, we recently found that all of the various locations were indeed within the dump we have. We investigated the matter, and determined that the mole's location was in fact completely random. Having discovered this, Con immediately set out to create patches to restore this feature in the game.
You can download the new patch in the files page or you can get the game already pre-patched with it.
On popular demand, Con also made a patch that disables the signs which interrupt gameplay in the original BS Zelda (in order to listen to advice during the original broadcast), which were originally disabled by Roto's patch but then re-enabled in theRestoration patch to fit text (from the voice acting) into them.
You can find this new patch in the files pages for both Map 1 and Map 2 within the description for the Restoration patch.
Lastly, we have a whole lot new articles for you to check out, enjoy!

04/21/11 - ReyVGM improved the background in the game's end status for both Map 1 and Map 2 restoration projects. Refer the Forum for more details.

04/16/11 - MadHatter and Con made a patch to translate the japanese bigbag signs and the flute map japanese signs - find it at AST's files page! These patches are applied on all prepatched roms and the single patches are merged with the English translation patches.

02/28/11 -Sublinefix v.11 finished: AST's files page! Fixed are also many bugs on other patches, not only related to the sublines. We still experience some graphical glitches when playing this patch on real hardware, however emulation with zsnes should be bugfree (recommended).

01/13/11 -Sublinefix v.9 is ready to download: AST's files page! Fixed are some graphical bugs with the screen and with the bottle. Please playtest and report bugs at the forum!

01/11/11 - At long last added full playthrough videos for both BS Zelda Map 1 and Ancient Stone Tablets, thanks to Kiddo Cabusses.
Also we now have a very thorough and enjoyable video introduction to the BS Zelda games and the Satellaview made by Roo from Clan of the Gray Wolf as part of his "16 Bits Gems" series, which you can find in this very page (just scroll down) or in the BS-X info page.
Thank you guys!

01/08/11 - The subline patch has more bugs than a rotten corpse, therefore we are at v.8 in the meanwhile. Download the new patches/roms as always at the AST's files page! We are sorry for this, and inform you when further bugs occur/and or fixed. Any bug reports at our forum are welcome... thanks!

01/04/11 - Again an improvement of the sublines patch (v.5, hopefully final). Download the patch/roms as always at the AST's files page!

01/03/11 - Due to the lack of playtesters we didn't notice further bugs with the sublines patch. Our apologizes. Please find the new prepatched roms and patch at the AST's files page!

12/31/10 - We fixed some of the bugs that were caused by the sublines patch for sekiban. Please ensure to download the new prepatched roms again to avoid a messed up screen and some further small bugs. You can find the new prepatched roms and patch as always at the AST's files page!

12/24/10 - Long time no update, our apologizes. However, in time for christmas we have some nice new patches:

  • First of all you now can also find the Mighty Boomerang as item in Master Quest Week 4 (patch is in itemfixes ips collection); in normal gameplay this item is time related and differs through sparkling from a normal red boomerang). Now it is green, sparkling, permanent and devastating.
  • Furthermore, we also have a patch to give Aginah his correct Green Colored Robe as seen in ALTTP, both ingame and in the intro/end. Master Quest is prepatched.
  • Then we have a new patch for a Timeless AST-play; the Master Quest is prepatched with this nifty patch for all who don't want to hestitate!
  • For those of you who love a more classical feeling we also have a new Mascot Patch that replaces the boy with Link and the girl either with Malon or Impa. None of the games is prepatched due to story line inconsistiences. Please patch yourself
  • Finally we offer a Sublines patch which displays the spoken japanese from the original broadcast videos as sublines to your emulator. Unfortunately this patch is not completely bugfree (though bugs are scarce)and we hope we are able to fix it in near future. Bugs can be reported at the forum.
    Download all this cool stuff (roms and patches) at the AST's files page!

    That's it, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    05/09/10 - Kiddo Cabusses, the guy behind the Satellablog, has made a couple patches to play as the BS-X mascots in Kamigami No Triforce so if you ever wanted to play through A Link to the Past with the BS-X mascots, now's your chance :)

    01/16/10 - StarFighters76 provided some very nice AST indoor maps. Find them at AST's help page!

    01/09/10 - another important AST upgrade! D4s fixed this game to boot on real hardware. Along with this update comes a small graphical fix in the end and maple is part of the Master Quest version now Download new roms (official and mq) at AST's files page!

    12/26/09 - well, thought I were retired but I was wrong... I fixed the buggy week 4, level 8 boss in Ancient Stone Tablets. If the buggy tiles of this boss nerve you, please redownload all week 4 (official and mq) at AST's files page!

    12/24/09 - the second update this day :-) due to Duke's suggestion I also made cosmetical changes to week 1-3 - so download the new roms for also these 3 weeks (Official and Master Quest at AST's files page!

    12/24/09 - and again a small correction made to week 4 end sequence. We finally managed to correct a cosmetic mistake. Please redownload week4 for both official and master quest at AST's files page! (And again Merry Christmas, now this final update is also timed with earth's christmas ;-)

    12/21/09 - Finally, after map1/2 restoration also the AST restoration project is finally closed for me, Con. We included an intro and end sequence according to the original broadcast. Including the story took some rom space and I had to enlarge the rom, but it was worth it, because now the player will be told how this game is connected to A Link To The Past and further interesting details. Download the new versions at AST's files page. This patch was thought as Christmas Present but maybe Christmas is 3 days earlier in Hyrule :-) In this sense: Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

    12/15/09 - Good news for a some of our visitors: Red Scorpion's German translation of AST is complete (also thanks to the help of Con). Feel free to get it in AST's files page but note that it must be applied to a game that already has been patched with the English translation.

    12/06/09 - Small correction to map1/2 made. There was a typo in 2 kanjis of the end credits. These are now corrected. This is no urgent update, so there's actually no need to update your files. However, if you like nevertheless you can download the new restorated roms at Map 1 and Map 2 files pages.

    11/15/09 - Great news: Restoration project for Map 1 &2 is from my (Con) coding site completed! We have better Kanji in the end (brought by MasterOfPuppets and Madhatter) and a item restore by sword pickup in each week. Furthermore, the va-acting set patches are completed (now only the voice acting is missing). Check the new roms out for Map 1 and Map 2 (both restoration roms are already prepateched for your convenience).

    11/15/09 - Today marks the reaching of a very special milestone for us...

    My, has the site come a long way since those distant times in 1999. When Con launched the site, we just had one game that was barely playable. I wonder how many of our visitors remember those days when we had to cheat in order to play past the third week and change emulator if we wanted to use the other mascot...
    Then along came Roto and the first really incredible patch of the site (though not the first altogether, remember the time crack? Or the early Link patch?), as if by magic the biggest issues were resolved and then the game was translated too. 1999 was one busy year!
    Just shortly before that, Ancient Stone Tablets had been found, but it was in even worse conditions, without music nor any of the indoor areas. For a long time, we were unable to do much in that sense, only small steps such as making items show up thanks to several skilled hackers like David and Dreamer Nom, until Euclid came up with his custom made editor. With it and the videos found on NicoVideo I (Duke Serkol) was able to restore the game as it is now. And of course we translated it too.
    It was around that time that the last of the missing BS Zelda games, Map 2, was discovered, and Con took it onto himself to bring it up to the same level as the original BS Zelda. He succeeded and even now we are working together (also with the help of our faithful forum visitors) in order to improve and polish all three games, with accomplishments such as adding intros and text from the voice acting which we could translate from the videos, as well as result screens and implementing music in AST too.
    As things stand at the time of this landmark to our site, there remains very little to be done in order to fully restore the games. Con is currently working on inserting intro screens for AST (the patches for which we expect to make available soon, together with some more polished patches for the other two games), and after that, all that will be left will essentially be to finish translating the voice acting and possibly re-record it in English. But all in all, it can be said without exaggeration that The BS Zelda Homepage has accomplished its mission. We have restored all three of these lost Zelda games for everyone to fully appreciate.
    We hope all of you, our visitors, have enjoyed our work. For us, it's been a honor... and a blast :)
    But mission accomplished or not, here's hoping to another (likely more tranquil) 10 years of BS Zelda Homepage. May the legend of BS Zelda live forever!

    08/16/09 - Svambo created a German Translation for rh project - translations for the further versions will follow (hopefully). Download the patches for Map 1 and Map 2

    06/29/09 - We apologize, but there were small corrections made to the last patches. Save screen can now be accessed by pressing Start (instead of Select) in the objective screen of Map1/2 (select now closes this screen again as seen in the original game). Also we added some new names to the restoration credits. Go check it out in Map 1 and Map 2 (both restoration roms are already prepateched for your convenience). In AST, we also added more names to the restoration credit screen and made the font better. Please redownload week 4 (official and mq).

    06/27/09 - And again an update for the restoration project. Both roms (map 1 and 2) feature now a quicksave when pressing select in the objective screen (that screen you reach with select). Go check it out in Map 1 and Map 2 (both restoration roms are already prepateched for your convenience).

    06/24/09 - Yet another historical update: thanks to Con (and others who also helped) BS Zelda Map 1 and 2 (Restoration project) finally has a result screen with fade to white (as seen in the original broadcast). All people who helped with this project are also mentioned in an extra credit screen. Go check it out in Map 1 and Map 2 (both restoration roms are already prepateched for your convenience).

    06/13/09 - Another historical update: thanks to Con AST (and others who also helped) finally has its title screen. And not only that, also additional artwork at the end of each week as well as credits! Go check it out in AST's file page (the game was already prepateched for your convenience, both standard and master quest, which has its own title screen).

    05/22/09 - Great news: thanks to jacensolo06 the translation of the remaining voice acting for AST is finally complete! Go check out week 4 and see how the story ends!

    05/11/09 - Ok, guys, the broadcast run is over. Pheonix got the highest score and gets thus an entry in the Hall of Fame! Whoever can beat the Duke will also get an entry... :-)
    Result Screens

    04/18/09 - Finally the menu and result screens have been playtested bugfree (hopefully) so please download the official version as well the master quest version at AST files. Furthermore, the contest will be prolonged to: Deadline is now Monday, 4th May!. The reason for this is that only MasterOfPuppets and SmashManiac (hurray for both!) participated... anybody: please participate to make this contest more exciting! Again, please send srm/screenshots of your result screens to
    Roms can be downloaded here:

  • Master Quest Week 1
  • Master Quest Week 2
  • Master Quest Week 3
  • Master Quest Week 4
  • 04/17/09 - The streak of good news continue: jacensolo06 brings us the last segment of translated voice acting for week 2 of AST, as well as the whole week 3 hurray for him!

    04/11/09 - Master Quest runthrough!
    2nd result screen added (04/14/09) to calculate the final score with rupees, deaths automatically in ~ALL~ weeks. It doesn't matter if you already have begun with the contest, just replace your smc files with the new ones - your progress is save in the srm files
    It features, next to all other patches like music
    - harder indoors by Duke and Euclid
    - harder bosses
    - magic cape and book mudora found in chests
    - menu
    - RESULT SCREEN at the end of week 4
    There is a run through the game as in the original broadcast... The person with the highest score will get an entry in the hall of fame!
    Begin is now; Deadline is Sunday, 19th April!
    Send a screenshot of week 4 result screen with srm (zsnes, hit F1) or foto (if rh works) of the result screen to my mail address,
    The srm is necessary to avoid image cheating. Digital foto if real hardware works replaces srm of course.
    The winner with the highest score is given on Monday, 20th April. Every week's score is given in the result screen and a total score calculated. The total score of week 4 determines the winner (please rename the srm to the name of the further week (e.g. bs3(1).srm to bs3(2).srm to carry on your progress.
    Every death costs 10.000 points, one rupee gives 10 points. HC, tablets and so forth are automatically calculated to the score, but deaths and rupees not (I will do this manually with the sent in result screens. Also I can't confirm that passing minutes costs scores as written in the walkthrough. Anybody, please check!
    Please also check for bugs, if amount of HCs, rupees, deaths are displayed correctly both in the menu and result screen, scores are added correctly together and so forth. Furthermore, please also check if the bosses and indoors are harder and look for the magic cape and book of mudora. Bug report in the forum or via mail is welcome!!!

    03/22/09 - Great news everybody! We have several new patches available today: first and most important, finally Ancient Stone Tablets has the in-game music of ALttP restored to it. That's right, no more wandering the dungeons and caves in boring silence, nor any need to manually fix this by minimizing the emulator and playing music files yourself, at last you can just sit down and enjoy the game with the soundtrack all Zelda fans love and cherish.
    Now with that said, the next patch we are adding is a "Minutes Save Patch" what it does is essentially write in your save the internal time so that if you stop playing you will not start from the beginning but exactly from when you left. And don't worry, if the time reaches its end, next time you play it will reset to the start. This set of patches hasn't been playtested thoroughly just yet, so if you find any bugs please let us know.
    Additionally, some small mistakes in the translation and indoor patches have been fixed. All of the above are already applied to the prepatched game, so no need to patch the games yourselves unless you want some of the extra stuff.
    Aside from that, we also have a new bug fix for BS Zelda Map 2 Real Hardware that should fix start problems with some real hardware.
    Have fun!

    02/25/09 - Translation Fix of AST Week 4! Corrected is one typo and the messages from the soldiers after you've fought Ganon. Also, for those who want to have a full inventory at the end, a Special Edition is now available (prepatched rom with the possibility to obtain the cape, book, keep the shovel and shield).

    02/19/09 - Complete Inventory in AST. You are now able to complete your inventory in AST Week 4. I added 2 new treasures to the Week 4 item fix collection. You already can keep the shovel (and shield), and now you are also able to find the Magic Cape and the Book of Mudora as well! Apply the patches to week 4 prepatched rom.

    02/01/09 - January has been slow on updates (or should we say, devoid of them), but we are off to a good start with February: check out the improved translations of AST's voice acting for Week 1 and two thirds of Week 2 (the second third of which is actually all new), as usual thanks to GlitterBerri!

    12/31/08 - New Years Eve present: Wait Signs Translations for Map 1 Restoration and Map 2 Restoration! The text is taken out of the original broadcast and translated by Hiei-, Darth Nemesis and Beno! This patch improves the gameplay because you get crucial tipps, so check it out. With this patch, I (Con) officially retire from Hacking business :-)
    Happy New Year!!!!

    12/11/08 - The next projects are so far completed Map1 Real Hardware and Map2 Real Hardware! Map1 has now an ending screen, blue manhandla and Ghoma autodestroy is fixed, redspots and L8-Text in Final Cave are removed. The Map 2 version is completely new!

    12/06/08 - After Third/Fourth Quest we can proudly tell that the next projects are so far completed: Link Map1 and Link Map2! The Link roms feature a better looking Link and the Link patch as well as the Soul Calibur patch are now compatible with the Decoration patch.
    The next projects will be the restoration where we are almost finished to translate the textboxes. Also, we are going to release a map 2 real hardware version soon. As soon these projects are completed (should be done before christmas), the bszelda 1 mission is more or less accomplished!

    10/22/08 - Again with some crucial tipps from Mottzilla, I was able to emancipate Third Quest and Fourth Quest! When you play Zelda you'll rescue Link and way round.

    09/17/08 - Again with the help of Mottzilla, I was able to create a Decoration patch that can be regarded as an update to Roto/DN's patch. It does not so many changes like the Restoration or TQ/FQ patch, but included are all the crucial advancements of the previous months (like death counter, dungeon map save, ring in the menu, etc...), and the scrolling item list from Mottzilla's awesome real hardware patch. This patch for example is utilized in the Link roms. So get them or the patches at Map 1 and Map 2.
    Furthermore, another bugfix, the death counter by Roto did not work for values greater than 9. Strange is that this is first now detected o_O.
    All roms and patches are updated!

    09/02/08 - another bugfix, detected by 2awesome4aopossum: the dungeon maps were not saved accurately when using zsnes 1.51 or bsnes. This is fixed in both map1/map2 and TQ/FQ.
    Furthermore, with the help of Mottzilla, I was able to add a Death Counter into the end screen of Third Quest and Fourth Quest. So check this new add-on out!

    08/26/08 - Important update: a nasty glitch has been found, and corrected, in the patch that enables the unused sprites for the magic shield. I would then urge all who downloaded that patch (or any file that already includes it) to download again and replace the defective file with the new one.
    On a lighter note, Con has found a way to prevent slow downs by toggling ZSNES' options and has therefore reinserted enemies he had to remove from his Third/Fourth Quest(s). Instructions to operate these changes may be found in the zips containing the relative files.

    08/16/08 - Yet another immprovement to the original BS Zelda from Con. This time he has fixed the dungeon maps that are drawn in the subscreen as you move through rooms so that they are saved with all the rest of your progress! He has also fixed Zelda's message at the end of Map 1 so that we won't keep hearing the sound of leters once she is done talking.
    Lastly, we decided that (unlike the above) the patch to enable the unused shield sprites was better on its own than integrated to the restoration patch, so we separated them (but it is still in the prepatched games). Anyway, you know the drill: find the goods in the respective file pages!

    07/31/08 - Another update by Con, king of the jungle (forum users will get that one...), this time out hero has brought us patches to implement the unused animation frames of the Magic Shield and to have the color that corresponds to whatever ring you found as that of the character in the save menu.
    These have been added to the restoration of both weeks and third/fourth quests. A nasty bug that appeared in the last update's patches (which prevented you from getting the blue candle after continuing) was also fixed, so go get 'em :)

    07/19/08 - Here we have another great update to the original BS Zelda, again courtesy of Con! There's a new patch to remove the L8 text in the final area, this is applied in all map 1 prepatched games and integrated in the restoration patch (or available on its own if you don't want to use that), and new patches to restore the dungeon spots from the previous weeks applied to the restorated map 1/map 2 and merged with the restoration patch (as well as available on their own, once again). Head off to the file pages for Map 1 and Map 2 so you can get the updated versions!
    Then for the third/fourthquest there's also 2 new additional introduction screens (with Triforce power after the item list), the Ivy gap in those has been closed, the Continue/Dead screen can now be triggered by the select button, the shop item key in blue candle shops was replaced with the arrow and the shop item arrow in shops with blue ring replaced with the key and in Third Quest the red dots indicating dungeons have been removed.

    07/09/08 - GlitterBerri has offered us the translation of the first part of AST Week2's voice acting. Go check it out guys :)
    There's an interesting revelation concerning Agahnim...

    07/05/08 - A small update: Mottzilla has asked me to put up a small fix to hsi prepatched real hardware version of BS Zelda. The correction is only to the prepatched file (the header), the patch itself is not changed.

    06/21/08 - I have put in the file pages of BS Zelda (for both Map 1 and Map 2) a Spanish Translation. Gotta get up to the times, back in the SNES days, games could not be localized but now, that's outrageous ;)
    Anyway, Con is currently working on an awesome patch to insert the content of the game's voice acting in textual form, using the original pop up windows that used to interrupt he gameplay (so the player could listen). We only have week 1 translated so far (and possibly still miss some lines from it), but once we get the rest translated, we'll have a new patch for sure!

    05/25/08 - Week 1 of Ancient Stone Tablets is now completely translated in English! Let's all thank GlitterBerri for delivering the third and final part of the voice acting's translation!
    Additionally I've added in the frames index a link to the The Satellablog started by our new staff member, Kiddo Cabusses, be sure to check it out for all newest discoveries concerning the Satellaview games that he keeps finding all over the net!

    05/11/08 - The translation continue. Check out the same page as last time for the second part of week 1. Once again, our thanks go to GlitterBerri and Chocomilk!
    Additionally, I've also somewhat revamped the storyline section to update the Q&A and divide it into several pages for each pair of games. I still need to cover Phantom Hourglass but I'll get to that.

    04/18/08 - Long time no update. Today we offer you the beginning of translation of the voice acting from week 1 of AST, thanks to the ever-awesome GlitterBerri and her friend Chocomilk! Check back with us every now and then for the continuation!

    01/28/08 - end sequence to restoration patch added. You may download the updated restored Map 1 or Map 2 in the relative pages.

    01/06/08 - Another small update: Week4 item fix patch for AST let you don't lose the shield after completing week 4 and let you keep the shovel after you rented it in week 4.

    12/27/07 - A small update just to bring you guys the source code for AST's editor ...programmers have fun!

    12/25/07 - Here's my christmas present to you all: I finished updating my indoors patches to make them exactly as in the videos of the original broadcast that have recently been found. While I would dare say Euclid and I got pretty close to it, it is still a honor to proclaim that AST now has its indoors 100% fixed to the way they originally were! The prepatched games have also been updated with these and Litude's SRAM Fix. Enjoy, and have a merry Christmas!

    12/20/07 - Again a new treasure is added to Third Quest and Fourth Quest. There will be no treasure hunt now because we discussed it already in the forum... but feel free to find out the new treasure yourself :-)

    12/13/07 - Treasure Hunt - after some hardcore coding a new treasure is added to Third Quest and Fourth Quest. The first person who finds this treasure (what it is, location and what it does) - post at the Forum (use spoilers!) to get an entry in the Hall of Fame!

    12/07/07 - the update rush takes no end! In the restoration project, the sword bug is finally fixed and this game is now bug free. Furthermore we were able to let the mascott skriek in his/her specfic voice. The restoration prepatched map1/2 roms as well as the Third/Fourth Quest have this patch applied. So download the new versions at Map 1 or Map 2 files pages.

    12/04/07 - Another update, this time we have patches by Litos which allow to play Ancient Stone Tablets with more emulators than just SNES9X (including ZSNES).
    Furthermore, in the story section all pages dedicated to the various races of Hyrule have been updated with information from the latest games, and the Oocca and Bullblins (the latter grouped with Moblins and others) have ben added (next up will be the Anouki and Yooks).

    12/03/07 - Restoration patch bug fixed. Now you can play the game also with other emulators (snes9x, snesgt, bsnes...)! Download the new patched roms at the files pages.

    12/02/07 - MottZilla has released an alternative to Roto's patch. This patch features many aspects of Roto's patch (all 4 weeks playable, music, etc) and restoration patch (beginning time, blue manhandla, etc.)
    This patch is designed to play BS Zelda on real hardware and to avoid some emulation problems. This patch is NOT compatible with Roto's, DN's upgrade, Restoration or time patch, but an alternative project. Apply this patch on the original BS Zelda rom (SWC format). Get the patch at Map 1 files page!

    11/24/07 - The latest and one of the most exhausting patches is finally finished! THE RESTORATION PATCH ! It is presumably the last patch by me, Con. This extensive patch would not have been possible without the help of Euclid, Duke Serkol, Tre and Garrett, so this time, it really was a community project!
    The game is for advance players because it has a strict time limit, and no time crack is applied. But it is probably the most beautiful game with all the inserted transition pics, and the most faithful to the way the game was broadcasted on the BS-X. So you really should give it a try. Unfortunately, this patch is zsnes only and small graphical bugs were detected (but nothing to worry about)!
    You may download the restored Map 1 or Map 2 in the relative pages.

    11/05/07 - Great improvements on Third Quest and Fourth Quest are made. You will have now an intro sequence with the items, as well as 3 ending screens.

    09/01/07 - Con and Euclid made it again: in their new patch they managed to get the Blue Manhandla to show up in Map 1! All prepatched roms of map 1 have it applied yet. Isn't it awesome how many patches this dynamic duo has pulled off since the translation of AST? I myself lost count! So let's all voice our thanks to both of them (something you can do in the forum). And furthermore, also thanks to Euclid's invaluable help and Garrett's skills in improving pics, Con will soon be releasing yet another patch which will give BS Zelda the intro seen in the Japanese video (although by stills). Talk about progress!

    07/10/07 - Con did it again! The Restoration Patch' zip now also contains a new patch that not only skips those first seven minutes, but make the change of week happen when the time expires, the way the game was meant to play and the way Ancient Stone Tablets plays... except you don't need to load another game, you just keep going (until today, the week change had been linked to Triforce parts by Roto's patch, which worked well enough but was not the way the game was meant to be).
    Again, you can download it and apply it yourself or the games again as (some of) them have been updated to include it.
    This was a lot of hard work for Con and Euclid too who has contribute bits and pieces of code vital to making this patch a reality, so let's all be grateful! ;)

    07/03/07 - Con has made a new patch that makes it mandatory to have the whole Triforce in order to fight Ganon, as BS Zelda was meant to be. The patch has been placed in a zip file labeled Restoration patch, together with the patch to skip the extra 7 minutes that were meant for the intro sequence; eventually we intend to make them into a single patch that will fix these and other issues. You can download it and apply it yourself or the games again as they have all been updated to include it.

    06/15/07 - Map 2 walkthrough is finished. Click here

    06/08/07 - Map 2 maps are finished. View them at Map 2 help page.

    05/11/07 - Garett gave us his wikipedia Map 2 walkthrough in our format. This is a beta version and will become Map 1 walkthrough style soon. Furthermore, we completed the Time Related Events list by comparing it with the raw rom hex data. Two events are missingin that list we have no clue what it could be yet (marked purple in the list).

    05/09/07 - This update consists of lots of small thing... adding up for a big whallop *whew* :)
    Firstly we have new patches for BS Zelda Map 1 and 2 found in either game's files page( Map 1 / Map 2. The patches are exactly the same), but also the prepatched games have been updated with these. There's a set of three that allows you to update your title screen and, if you wish, also add an ending screen (there is one for the mascottes and one for Link). The other one is a patch that makes each week start at 07. Someone long ago had requested for this, but we had other priorities and no proof that the game was meant to play that way. Well now we had proof (the video of the original broadcast) and the time to fix it so, well, you were right and we were wrong. You know who you are ;)
    The scripts for both BS Zelda games are now available for download in the respective files pages (under miscellaneous - BS Zelda / AST). Also in AST's files page you can find the video of how the game would load into the BS-X, conveying the story in the process.
    A couple oversights we were long due to fix: screenshots for ASt have been changed to show that the game has been fixed, and we've added the Wind Tribe among the races in the story section.

    04/29/07 - The indoor patch of week 2 for Ancient Stone Tablets needed a little more tweaking (there was a problem with movable blocks in one room). Now it's fixed so feel free to update your backups (you may download either the patch or pre-patched game). Should be as simple as that, no worries about save states and srm files.

    04/17/07 - Members of the board knew this was coming, but to all others here is a pleasant surprise: thanks to Makuchan, we now have videos of the original broadcast of week 1 for BS The Legend of Zelda Map 1. Find them here togehter with a translation by Beno!
    Thanks to these videos, I also had more information to add to the storyline section in particular to the part belonging to the original The Legend of Zelda of which BS Zelda is a remake (but one with some differencies in terms of story too as it now appears). We will also be translating and posting a video of the introduction for Ancient Stone Tablets in the future, but already I have made some additions to its story based on both videos.
    Lastly, on a somewhat unrelated note, Beast Rune has provided a new page for the Twili that may be insightful for all who played TP (beware of spoilers).

    04/15/07 - Small, but long awaited update of the Web Poll (scroll down this page): we want to know which style of BS Zelda you prefer to play, the original BS style with timer and mascots, or the typical style with Link and without the timer. Other than that, please don't forget to suscribe at our Mailing List to be always informed about the latest updates! I've seen that many did sign, but forgotten to confirm the mail sent back by bravenet. Please check again!

    04/13/07 - Friday the 13th... but this is a lucky update ^_^
    I (Con) am glad to inform you that I managed to adjust Roto's patch and DN's patch for the use with map 2, so this game is 100 % playable now!
    Along with these roms I keep my promise and release at the same time Fourth Quest which is map 2 without the timer, classic characters and a new intro.
    Get all the files as well as the new patches at the Map 2 files page. It is your choice if you want to play Map 2 in BS Zelda or Legend of Zelda style. The intro of BS Zelda Map 2 is still messed up, but this should not prevent you from playing it. This intro will soon be changed to a 16 bit one by Euclid and Duke.

    03/24/07 - Again: A BIG UPDATE!
    04/06/07 - added end screen to Third Quest
    I am happy and proud to inform you that my (Con) Classic Edition project, which waits for finalization for about 2 years now is at last finished.
    Its final name is "The Legend of Zelda - Third Quest" because it turns BS Zelda into a "regular" Legend of Zelda and thus can be regarded as a third quest to LoZ Nes. What this means is, you will play with classic characters, Link and Zelda, have Triforce Symbols instead of crosses and... play without the Timer!
    Along with these patches comes a title screen we have been all waiting for for about 7 years! So, even if you have played BS Zelda multiple times yet, you should give this game a shot, I guess it is a whole new expierience :-)
    Read more about this game here! You can download the rom there or in the usual files page where you can also find a lot of new patches: Classic characters, a triforce tile set and of course the patch to disable the timer.
    As soon Roto's complete patch is applyable to Map 2, I will for sure publish a "Fourth Quest" in no time.
    It was work for about two month: I started my patching career from zero and had only few help. Many many thanks to Tre for his support and testplay! Further thanks go to DaMarsMan who supported me with my surprise, and to Insomniadmx for his advice in ASM hacking.

    And this was not all. I made also a patch which disables the waiting signs in Map 2, so get the updated patched rom or the patch itself here.

    And for those who don't like active playing watch Tre navigating through the Tornadoes: Youtube video or zmv. So this is the final proof that it is possible... unbelieveable ;-)

    03/10/07 - I have updated the Timeline and Q&A for the release of Twilight Princess. I have yet to write down the story of the game, but that will come eventually. In the meanwhile this should be more than sufficient.

    02/14/07 - Here is what you have been waiting for: the Overworld Map of Map 2, both in spoiled and unspoiled version. You can compare it with Fyxe's Map 1 Overworld Map and discover which differences there are.

    02/12/07 - As I kept repeating, I finally got around to fix those few mistaken rooms in Ancient Stone Tablets, one in Week2 (dungeon 4) and a few in Week 4 (in dungeon 8 and some caves). The patch and pre-patched games have been updated accordingly in the files page. I believe this will be the last time any of these get updated.

    02/05/07 - We have a big update on our hands!
    First off we have finally added updated information about BS Zelda games in general (how and when they were broadcasted and so on). Nothing that wasn't known already, but this is more tidy.
    Secondarily the Walkthrough for Ancient Stone Tablets has been updated for the indoors (including caves!)... and I still need to fix a few rooms in Weeks 2 and 4, but I'll get to that.
    Lastly what everybody was waiting for: Map 2. We have a New patched Rom with sound and translation! (And of course the patches to make it so). Additionally, the game now also has its Pix and Ideas pages.
    Have fun!

    02/02/07 - Savestates for Map 2 to forward the weeks added. Use zsnes v1.42 (or earlier) to play the game accurately. Get them here!

    01/28/07 - BS Zelda Map2 has been found!

    Today marks another important date in the history of BS Zelda. One of the memebers of our board, Althena77, has allowed us to get a ROM of BS Zelda Map2 from Makuchan, who has a Japanese website with some information on the game. For a long time word circulated of a second map for the first BS Zelda game (the remake of the first NES game), but until today it was believed that no dump of the game had ever been made. Fortunately this has now been proven wrong!
    On this very same day, we are proud to make this game available to all Zelda fans by giving it its own files page.
    At the current time, the game runs as week 1 (and therefore only the first two dungeons are available by normal means) and there are minor glitches (with the music in particular). We hope to fix that in the future, but in the meanwhile the game is already in better condition than the original BS Zelda was when first found. So have fun!!!
    In case you are wondering, the celebrative artowrk above is courtesy of SkyeWelse. Head over to the AST pictures page if you'd like to see some variations and of course more interesting stuff.

    12/09/06 - Cent and Heran Bago have allowed us to make tracks from the Zelda Sound and Drama CD (that was used when broadcasting AST) available on site! You can find them in AST's files page.
    Also I'm supposed to release a new version of Week4 that fixes small mistakes in a couple caves. I'll do that as soon as I find the strenght to resist Twilight Princess' call for long enough.

    11/09/06 - Euclid has decided to make the editor we used to fix the game available to everybody. It's up for grabs in the files page!

    09/31/06 - I have updated the patches (and pre-patched games) for week 1, 2 and 4. The first two had a misgiving that could cause you to get stuck into walls when going through some doors. The latter had some things that needed fixing in a few caves and most importantly the room for the last dungeon's boss.
    Additionally, the pre-patched week4 now comes with the protagonist sprite fix by Euclid, Real Hotdog and eddzz. No more messed up sprite! (But you may have to delete your old srm file).

    09/26/06 - The adventure draws to a close: the final week of Ancient Stone Tablets is now available with walls!
    Again, once you have the game file where you want it, to continue with the items you had collected in Week1, just rename the srm file your emulator created when you played it with the same name as the Week4 game file (keeping the srm extension naturally). Alternatively, you can collect the items from previous dungeons from thieves standing in front of them, but this won't give you back the piece of hearts you collected nor the quiver or bomb bag expansion (or the flippers if you bought them).
    Week 3 has also been improved with a couple tweaks, in particular to the mole's room. But nothing big. And lastly, we have a patch by Real Hotdog that takes the overworld music back out, for those who'd rather play with their own soundtrack.
    We hope you all have enjoyed playing this game. We have come along way in these last 7 years and finally it can be said that these lost chapters to the Zelda series have been returned to the fanbase that had been missing them since they were aired 10 years ago.
    So what happens now? First we will be taking a break. If there are bug reports we will certainly fix the game, but other than that don't expect us to pull out another stunt like this anytime soon. However, in a few months we intend to release a special version of today's patch with a couple extras. I won't spoil the surprise, so keep checking back when you're not playing twilight Princess ;)
    Furthermore, once we are done with that, we intend to release the editor to the public, so that's another thing to look forward to!

    Again, we hope you can enjoy this game to the fullest, and would like to thank our visitors once more for supporting us up to the 100.000 mark. We will continue to try and improve these games' experience to the best of our abilities, so see you around!

    09/20/06 - A little Interlude in Duke's patch serie: I'm very proud to declare that our page has reached the 100.000 visitor mark! That's a historical event and the persons who reached that mark will therefore get an entry in the Hall of Fame: 2awesome4apossum and Coinilius!

    Update! - Garrett, Real hotDog and Soggytoast found some mistakes in Week3. Nothing big really, but they're now fixed in v1.1, so if you're a perfectionist, there you go.

    09/19/06 - I'm a little late, but as promised, here you go: Week3 of Ancient Stone Tablets now patched with walls!
    Again, once you have the game file where you want it, to continue with the items you had collected in Week1, just rename the srm file your emulator created when you played it with the same name as the Week3 game file (keeping the srm extension naturally). Alternatively, you can collect the items from previous dungeons from thieves standing in front of them, but this won't give you back the piece of hearts you collected nor the quiver or bomb bag expansion (or the flippers if you bought them).
    Tune in for the final week on the 26th!

    09/12/06 - The quest for the Tablets continues: here you can find Week2 of Ancient Stone Tablets patched with walls! (or get the patch itself, of course).
    Once you have the game file where you want it, to continue with the items you had collected in Week1, just rename the srm file your emulator created when you played it with the same name as the Week2 game file (keeping the srm extension naturally). Alternatively, you can collect the items from previous dungeons from thieves standing in front of them, but this won't give you back the piece of hearts you collected nor the quiver or bomb bag expansion (or the flippers if you bought them).
    Again, the adventure will continue with the release of the patch for Week3. Tune in to our site on the 19 to get it!

    Update! - A visitor of the boards, Zuppahiko informed me that one of the caves from week 1 was missing in the patch for week 2. I have fixed the problem and released a version 1.1 of the Week 2 patch (and pre-patched game, of course).

    My apologies for the inconvenient.

    09/05/06 - BS The Legend of Zelda Ancient Stone Tablets

    Week 1 is finalized and available for download!
    You just have to download the pre-patched game in order to start your very own adventure in Hyrule!
    Since music still needs to be fixed, I suggest you scroll down and grab some midis too. Of course, the Week1 Indoors patch by Euclid and I (Duke Serkol) is also available on its own.
    The adventure will continue with the release of the patch for Week2. Tune in to our site on the 12 to get it!

    08/30/06 - It is my honor to make this official announcement: The final indoor patch for week 1 of BS The Legend of Zelda - Ancient Stone Tablets is going to be released on September 5!
    This follow up to A Link to the Past, was originally released for the Japanese BS-X add-on to the Super Famicom (Japanese SNES) back in 1997. Ever since then, everybody has only been able to play it with almost nothing but a blank void when going indoors (be it houses, caves or dungeons) various people worked to gradually restore this game to its original state (translating it too) and now after almost ten years since its original release, Euclid and I (Duke Serkol) will finally be able to let you experience the fully playable game once more!

    In the meantime, a fan by the name of MetaFox, has contributed an animated version of the original BS Zelda's new title screen. Check it out ;)

    05/26/06 - This time I have a valid reason for being late: I'm working with Euclid on finally giving Ancient Stone Tablets the indoors it lacks! It should not take very long either, we should definitely be done before the end of summer!
    Until then, to keep you guys busy, we have a new patch (keep scrolling) by Frank Pero that translates those signs which pop up occasionally in the unpatched BS Zelda, and an article from Nintendo Power scanned and submitted by the ever awesome Cent. Have fun, and keep checking for a finalized AST week 1 soon to come!

    03/16/06 - Crap, I've let more than two months go by without an update... I'm typing this up to let those who still come checking know that the site is alive and well. Euclid is taking a break but he's still working on fixing the indoors for AST (as the visitors of the forum know well). Besides that, I'm working on improving the storyline section, and I hope I can bring y'all an actual update on that soon.

    12/25/05 - Here we go with the X-mas update (which we hope is a merry one for our visitors). Con has recently made a pdf version of the first game's walkthrough and Tingle has once again contributed to the story section with info on the Minish. I really need to do something too...

    11/30/05 - The BS Zelda Homepage has been visited 80000 times! Here's hoping to reach 100 thousand hits!

    11/09/05 - Another little update to the articles page. Our staff member Cent208 contributed a scan from the Japanese only Zelda Box. Does anybody feel like translating it?

    11/05/05 - A few mistakes within the translation patch have been fixed. You can get the improved patch at the usual page (or you can just get the already patched game, naturally)

    09/13/05 - Little update: we have an improved Online Walkthough for AST by Garrett.
    Also Tre found out tons of new Cheats for BS-Zelda 1 (the most impressive new code is for the Mighty Boomerang even if it is a little bit buggy).
    Furthermore he gave us some Cheat files and Partial Walkthroughs.

    08/26/05 - As promised here is the translation for Kodai no Sekiban. At long last, eveybody will be able to play BS Zelda Ancient Stone Tablets in English. This is a great day for the BS Zelda community.
    I have also added a new article about the development of new races in recent Zelda games, but it contains spoilers for several games, including Ancient Stone Tablets, so I suggest you play that first.

    08/21/05 - Just a quick notice: the Translation for BS Zelda Kodai no Sekiban will be released on August 26. Check back on that day all who have been waiting to play this game in English.

    08/11/05 - Well, it took longer than I would have liked, but here is the story section update I promised. The new games have been given proper coverage (thanks to Beno for the colored FSA manga pictures) and all the material concerning the older ones has been revised.
    Additionally, we have a new site in our links section, the Galbadia Hotel - Video Game Music, be sure to drop by if you like soundtracks.
    With some luck, the next update will be the one for the Kodai no Sekiban's translation.

    06/25/05 - Here's a small update: we turned Garrett's excellent walkthrough for Ancient Stone Tablets into html.
    I'll try to expand the story section next, to celebrate the 70000 hits.

    06/06/05 - Okibi has contributed a short study on Kodai no Sekiban's coding, find it in Ancient Stone Tablet's file page where you can also get the new Hero's Hat patch he has given us. Let's wish him luck in further figuring out the code!
    In other news, following the great demand of one board visitor I've updated the list of Ideas for BS Zelda.

    06/05/05 - Updated the Ideas page for the original BS Zelda and Ancient Stone Tablets with mock up pictures and some minor changes. Also the txt and zipped doc versions of the walkthrough for the original BS Zelda have been brought up to date. Furthermore Con introduces his Classic Edition with an until now unreleased Time Patch made by Dreamer Nom.

    05/22/05 - With my help, Con has revised the Walkthrough for the original BS Zelda, greatly improving it.
    To be honest, he's done most of the work, I just spell checked him and wrote the introduction, general tips, timed events and conclusion. The main body is entirely done by him, so let's give him our thanks everybody.

    04/14/05 - Surprise: we've got a new Forum!
    This one is way more user friendly (you can post as a guest even) and elaborate, so we hope to have more visitors dropping by. Want to be one of them?
    Also on the interaction side of things, Con will now be handling the mailing list, which means it will now be actually useful (yes I should be ashamed for neglecting it so much)
    But enough of that, on to real BS Zelda news. We have a new complete walkthrough for Ancient Stone Tablets by Garret, and a different dump of the original BS Zelda in the files page. On a side note, in the Articles page, you can find a FAQ I made for the BS Zelda games (not a walkthrough).
    Additionally there's a couple new links in the relative page. Lastly we decided to open a News Archive to give people with a longer time of absence a better chance to find out what happened.

    02/21/05 - Swift little update that might still make some people very happy: we are now making the BS Zelda editor available to all. Find it in the BS Zelda files page, under utilities.

    01/01/05 - Happy New year! This is just a small commemorative update. Con and I made some improvements to the spoilery maps for BS Zelda and I'm also posting some new and improved screenshots for AST.

    12/25/04 - This year's Christmas present is: a walkthrough for week one of Ancient Stone Tablets and some neat maps of the game, both by Fyxe.
    On a side note, I have re-organized the content of the file page for the original BS Zelda and moved the Zelda Classic stuff in the BS Zelda on PC page (formerly known as The Lost Quest). Expect some more presents either by New Years Eve or Epiphany.

    11/28/04 - First off the improved patches: Dreamer Nom has made some small changes to his BS Zelda1 patch to make it (some) more compatible with copiers and fix a glitch with shop prices that sometimes occurs when saving with Roto's patch (some had blamed it on my translation :p). Speaking of which: my translation has been vastly improved (thanks to MakoKnight for his help). Fixed are all mistakes and omissions... I hope. Also we are now hosting a few special quests for Zelda Classic.
    Fyxe has sent in better maps for the game! Find them in the help page. Lastly, thanks to Ieremiou we've got the last beta version of SNEShout. Can't find any difference really but we've got it there.
    UPDATE: I knew there was something I had forgot...

    10/15/04 - Yet another update that will go stright into the history of BS Zelda. Our hero Dreamer Nom has bestowed on us his Ancient Stone Tablets Restore Patch!
    What does it do? Why it allows the overworld music to play and... makes most indoor objects show up correctly! No more blindly walking around or throwing the boomerang in the hope of running into a chest! If that isn't great then I don't know what is. It also makes the game work better with SNES9X, go check it out!
    Dreamer Nom has also contributed some improved gender switch patches. These work on the code rather than the tiles.
    On a side note, I've added a new program for patching, IPSWin and Con has given the file page for BS Zelda a new look. It should make finding and applying the patches you want easier.

    10/08/04 - Another awesome update! Dreamer Nom has contributed 4 patches: two are for Ancient Stone Tablets, they are a patch to fix the sound effects and a Developer's Debug which allows you to start out with most items and hearts. The other two are patches to cut short the wait in the BS Marvelous games. Finally he's also contributed this study about the music in BS-X games. Isn't he the most awesome guy ever?
    But wait, the update isn't over yet! In the Ancient Stone Tablet File Page we've got part of the Zelda no Video documentary, thanks to DeGamer who converted it for us. And what's this? Another new patch! This one allows us to see the map in AST. Turns out OoT's re-used an idea from this game.
    I'd say that's more than enough for an update, isn't it?

    09/25/04 - I am today proud and honored to announce the most important update to this site since that distant December 1999. After four long years, at long last, Roto's "BS Zelda Complete" patch has been significantly improved!
    See for yourselves what has been changed in the files page. I would like to wish for this to be only the beginning of a New Renaissance for BS Zelda.

    Long live BS Zelda!

    In other news, the Subrosians are now among the races in the story section.

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