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BS-Legend of Zelda 'MottZilla Patch'

By: MottZilla
Beta Version: 0.95 - May 6th, 2012
For: BS-Zelda MAP2 ONLY with 512-byte Copier Header


I, Introduction
II, Important gameplay tips
III, Prepatched roms and patches
VI, Pics
V, Credits

I, Introduction

This patch is an evolution of the old BS Zelda Lite and BS Zelda Real Hardware patches I created in the past. With this project the playability of BS LoZ is now excellent. Some of the features of this patch are:

  • Works on authentic Real Super Nintendo Hardware! Most other versions including all based on Roto's don't work.
  • Title Screen and Story Roll! Retro feeling title screen and story sequence.
  • Classic feeling Menu System! Similar to the original LoZ Menu but with practical improvements. You have 3 save slots, 3 characters, name entry, map selection
  • Both Map 1 & Map 2 Quests in one rom! Combined both Maps into 1 Patch, the first and currently only to do so.
  • Four full Weeks of 50 minutes playtime! Previously Triforce based advancement has been removed in favor of a more broadcast experience.
  • Playable from Beginning to End! Play both maps with no known glitches, problems, or missing features.
  • Different Endings for Success and Failure! Using art from the original broadcast to have two different endings.

    II, Important gameplay tips

    Due to the game's original broadcast nature the game will always take 200 minutes to play from beginning to end. Because of this many players will find themselves with alot of extra time at the end of each Week. If you don't want to use this time you may go to your inventory screen and press L+R+Y+B at once to end the week. You'll see minutes fly by in seconds until the end of the week is reached. Also because of the long nature of the game you may wish to save your game in the middle of a week. At the Inventory screen press L+R+Up. You will hear a sound effect to confirm the data was saved. However if you have already defeated Ganon in the final week, saving is no longer possible. One final note, if you wish to reset your game with your controller, at the inventory screen press L+R+Start+Select.

    III, Prepatched roms and patches

    Prepatched Roms

    Download the
    BS-Legend of Zelda "MottZilla Patch" Rom (English Verion)
    Download the BS-Legend of Zelda "MottZilla Patch" Rom (Japanese Verion)


    Download the single patches. (Direct link to the rom to patch: BS-Zelda - Map2).
    Download the German Translation by Svambo (currently it works on rh version only! Reworked by KillBill_158 for combined maps).

    Old Roms & Patches

  • The Real Hardware Map 1 Lite prepatched rom
  • The Real Hardware Map 2 Lite prepatched rom
  • Download the BSZ-Lite patch to apply on the original Map1 rom.
  • Download the BSZ-Map 2 Lite patch to apply on the original Map2 rom.

    This hack is designated for compatibility with Real Hardware. However, version 0.93 features also full emulation compatibility (also Zsnes)!

    IV, Pics

    The excellent menu navigation lets you choose three characters and use three slots!

    Name entry and map selection.

    Both Maps (map1 and map2) are combined in one single rom!

    V, Credits

    Thanks to everyone in the BS-Zelda community for ideas, testing, and general support. Also thanks to:

    Con - For sharing various research and knowledge which helped in development of this patch.

    Kiddo Cabusses - For alot of beta testing and other help.

    Duke Serkol & Bumpus - For the English Translation.

    Roto & Dreamer Nom - For the inspiration to want to make this patch.

    May the way of the Hero lead to the Triforce

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