BS F-Zero Grand Prix:

Who doesn't know F-Zero? The game needs no introduction. But its BS-X counterpart is a different story, having been mostly unplayable to western audiences for years. The patches we offer here make it possible to get past the first screen and play the game all the way to the end.
So what is exactly BS F-Zero Grand Prix? The game is very much like the original F-Zero, featuring mostly the same tracks except for the last one of each league. However the four cars available are different from the ones in the original and each race lasts a specific amount of time rather than a number of laps.
A few things should be noted to avoid confusion. At the beginning of each league, you will be given a certain amount of time to practice every course except the last. Only after this time is up will you move on to actually racing against opponents. During the practice laps you were supposed to be able to challenge your ghost from previous laps, but that feature is not emulated correctly.
It should be stated is that the first track of Knight league is also the first track of Ace League (so don't go thinking you loaded the wrong week by mistake).
Lastly, this was a soundlink game, meaning during the broadcast high quality music and voice acting was received through satellite. That's not available of course, but the patches also restore the in-game music of the original F-Zero.

Original Roms:

  • Week 1: Knight League
  • Week 2: Queen League
  • Week 3: King League
  • Week 4: Ace League

  • Patch:

  • This base patch by Con allows to get past the initial screen by pressing start, re-enables the in-game music, makes it so the record times are properly displayed and saved and makes the game compatible with BSNES.
  • You'll need ips exe to patch the rom.

  • Emulator(s):

  • Most emulators, like Zsnes, should play the game with no problems.

  • Screenshots:

    BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2:

  • For completeness sake, even though it requires no patching, here is also the only available rom for BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2. Instead of being the soundlink version (which did exist for this game as well) this is a version of the game that does not run on a timer and could be played any day. The only league available is the Ace League, which combines all the new tracks from BS F-Zero Grand Prix 1 and an all new one.


  • BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2

  • Emulator(s):

  • Again most emulators, like ZSNES, should play the game with no problems.