BS The Legend of Zelda - Week 3 Voice Acting Translation

BS The Legend of Zelda - Week 3 Voice Acting Translation

Near the end of year 2007, videos of entire play sessions were found on NicoVideo. The videos contain all the soundtrack and voice acting used in the game. So here are the videos and a translation of the voice acting.
Naturally, because we have already translated the text in the game (and made a patch of it), this translation ignores ingame text completely and focuses on the voice acting. There is however an exception: all text appearing at the beginning of the video during and before the loading of the game. This because said text was not available to us before the video was found. And any instance of it in this translation will be marked as such.

With all that said, enjoy the translation!

BS The Legend of Zelda

Week Three 
Translation by bluesun and Hiei
Transcription by Gekkahiro

Week 3

Old Man:

Welcome back once again, Hero.
Now, you must collect two more Triforce pieces.
Once more, they are inside two of the Evil King Ganon's dungeons.
Our goal is to have six pieces of the Triforce in total at the end of the battle today.
You should have obtained a raft back in the third dungeon.
With that, go east toward the sea.
It is calm there now, without any fierce whirlpools.
I see an entrance to a dungeon there.
So, let's get going.
I will help you out from here, as usual.
Hurry, Hero.
Give it your best, for your time is limited.
Regain the two Triforce pieces before the land disappears.
Now, take your sword.




Let's begin this week with a recap of the controls.
To use the sword, press the A or Y button.
Take a look at what happens when pressing the X button.
This display is called the subscreen.
Here you can choose what is used with the B button.
For example, the B Button can be set to use the boomerang, bombs, candle, or the Flute.
Try other items when they're added to your hands.


Well, this week began with the Old Man talking about the whirlpools.
You may already have the raft and have seen the whirlpool.
If not, go to the sea in the east.
But wait, you can't go to the Level 5 Dungeon unless you have the raft.
The only way to obtain this is to challenge the Level 3 dungeon.
That dungeon can already be found somewhere in this region.
If you look at the map, you'll surely understand where it is.
However, not all dungeon entrances are visible.


Have you already mastered the tools used with the B button?
The boomerang stops the movement of an enemy it hits.
It can also grab things that are out of your reach.
Bombs can be used to break walls as well as defeat enemies.
It is said that there are breakable walls and cliffs above ground.
In particular, the Level 2 dungeon entrance can only be opened with a bomb.
You can also break the statues in dungeons to find missing rooms.
The candle can illuminate darkened rooms.
It can also be used to burn any trees which block your path.


Did you still not figure out the locations of the dungeons?
The Level 3 dungeon is in the southernmost area of the forest.
The Level 4 dungeon is up by the shore of the lake.


Old Man:
Is your fight difficult, Hero?
A merchant is selling medicine across the sea, besides the Level 5 dungeon.
It is a valuable medicine that recovers life.
It'd be good to obtain it.



You need the raft to cross the sea to the east, past where the

whirlpool was, to the Level 5 dungeon.
You can obtain the raft in the Level 3 dungeon.

The entrance to the dungeon which you use the raft to reach is not visible.
There is just a suspicious grave.
The Evil King's power works greatly here.
You're looking at an illusion.
What appears to be a cliff is actually nothing.
Let's experiment, try walking into the cliff.

In this world, it is necessary to use rupees as money to purchase from merchants.
Get your hands on some by defeating enemies.
There are some things merchants are selling that you should buy.
For example, their Magical Shields are stronger than the one you have.
They can block the bullets Zora fire from across the water.
Arrows need the bow to be used.
The bow should be found in the Level 1 dungeon.
The candle can burn trees, but is also necessary to illuminate darkened rooms.
Get the ring to reduce damage from enemy attacks.
All that is known about the meat is that some monsters like it.
However, it is a mystery why merchants are selling it.

Just before 18:14

Old Man:
How are you fighting, Hero?
I shall try using the spell of lightning again.
Mmmhh⬦ ah-ta!


Does the White Sword shine in your hand?
Meet the old man at the graveyard if you do not have it.
To reach the cemetery exit the forest from the west and go north from the desert.
Then push the gravestone in the middle.
If you have enough life, you should get the powerful White Sword.



The Ghini in the graveyard have a secret.
You can't defeat the Ghini who appear when you touch tombstones.
They are mere illusions.
The Ghini who is there from the start, when you enter, is real.
All the illusions are sure to disappear if the real one is defeated.
It's easy to tell the real one in a crowd: the real one does not fly diagonally.


The medicine sold near Level 5 is blue.
Actually, a red medicine which has the effect of being 2 blue medicines also exists.
An old woman who lives somewhere in this land handles them, but this old woman's cave is hidden in the cliffs.
The old woman has been forced into hiding within a secret cave, surrounded by the flying flowers known as Peahats.
A letter is required to buy medicine from the old woman.
The letter is given by the old man living by the east sea.


Let's sort through the secrets of the dungeons.
Level 1 dungeon.
The entrance to this can be found without difficulty.
It contains the bow.
If you can find the right block to push, be sure to obtain it.
Level 2 dungeon.
This place is in the huge rock besides the cliff in the northeast.
You can't find this entrance without breaking the rock with a bomb.
If you kill all the Goriya using boomerangs, you can obtain one yourself.
Also, there are rooms separated from the rest which you can see on the map of the dungeon.
To get to where you need to, break the walls with bombs.
Level 3 dungeon.
This place is south of the forest.
Obtain the raft here.
There is a secret in the room where you see the key in this dungeon.
Think about where to go from that room in the south, where you see the key but can't obtain it.
There must be a bomb in a nearby room.
It is possible to take it with the boomerang.
That bomb is also necessary for going to the old man's room in the labyrinth, and next to that.
Level 4 dungeon.
This place is by the lake north of the forest.
It's possible to get past the pier if you have a raft.
The flute can be obtained here.
There is a block that can't be moved until all the enemies are defeated.
If you spot it, the Flute will surely be obtained.
The Triforce room is located near the entrance, but you need to find it from the back room, so don't rush.


Old Man:
Hero, I have seen that fearsome vision again.

A figure that strides on, enveloped in smoke, destroying monsters, rocks and walls...!
And once more, I strongly feel the power of the stars that guide you.
That power shall reach you through my body.



Look at the number of bombs on the screen.
It seems the time has come for infinite bombs.
Try using them on all the suspicious walls and cliffs.


Do you already have a ladder?
The ladder is located in the Level 5 dungeon.
It can cross rivers and moats, though only small ones.
Do you remember the river where the Peahats live?
You can proceed past that with the ladder.



I think I also remember that there is a heart container somewhere in the east sea.
Go to where that is if you have the ladder.
That should turn the tide of the fight in your favor.


Have you found the entrance to the Level 5 dungeon yet?
Cross the sea in the east from the pier.
Find the suspicious grave.
Go directly north from the grave.
A bomb is not necessary for this.


You must have seen in the dungeon the round skulls, the bubbles.
These are the most annoying enemies.
Although they do not damage with their touch, they render you unable to use your sword temporarily.
In particular, if you touch a red bubble, your sword is disabled permanently unless you touch a blue bubble.
Beware these enemies the most.
There seems to be an enemy who eats your shields, as well.
Do not be careless around those.

Just before 18:25

Old Man:
It seems your uphill battle continues.
I will try to help with the spell of lightning.
Mmmh⬦ h-ta!

Just before 18:27

Old Man: Let's use the art of lightning one last time.
Mmmh⬦ yh-ta!


Old Man:
The power of the stars seems to have faded.
It no longer flows in me.


The power of the infinite bombs is lost.
Hereafter, be wary of the amount of bombs you have.


Old Man:
Do you hear me, hero?
I am uneasy about how the falling rocks that always scared those

traveling to the northern rocky mountain have stopped.
It probably means that something unknown awaits.
Hurry, your time is almost half past.

It is said by people who have escaped the falling rocks that there is a

mysteriously lucky old man in the northern rocky mountain.
Also, further west there are eerie Armos statues lined up in place.
It has been handed down in old tales that bad things happened when

those statues moved.



Your time left is down to half.
The entrance to the Level 6 dungeon has not been found yet.
You must feel impatient...


Old Man:
Hero, I've finally acquired a new spell.
I was able to touch the fountain of life that flows through the earth.
Hohohoho, how wonderful!
Let me send the power of the earth to you.
However, it will not last for long.
In the meantime, it is a good idea to challenge some dungeons

while your defenses are high.

Your Heart Maximum has become 16.
Starting from the moment of the Old Man's speech, this ability

will persist for only 10 minutes.
It will be difficult for you to die even if you act irrationally.
However, be wary of the amount of life you have.
You do not want to unexpectedly be defeated.


Regrettably, the merchant who was selling medicine in front of the

level 5 dungeon appears to have sensed danger and turned back.


Old Man:
Oooh..! For as long as I have lived, such an event is unprecedented.
I see the entrance of a dungeon appear in the swaying waters.
A comforting tone is heard with the sound of the waves.


At last, a clue to where the Level 6 dungeon is.
It seems to appear from the sea, with a sweet sound.
Then, do you have the Flute obtained in the Level 4 dungeon?
But wait, exactly what sea is being indicated here?
It does not appear to be the sea to the east.
There is not a sea to the west.
The remaining coast is only in the southeast.


Just before 18:37

Old Man:
Hero, I shall use the spell written in the Chapter of Fate from the Forbidden Tome.
Mmmh h-ta!

Just before 18:39

Old Man:

Hero, I shall use the spell written in the Chapter of Fate from the Forbidden Tome.

Mmmh h-ta!




You should be careful.
It seems the spell the Old Man received the from earth has disappeared.
From here you must fight using your own power alone.


Old Man:
Do not overexert yourself, Hero.
With my remaining power, I may be able to provide something.
Accept this.


The Special Boomerang appeared in your hand.
This powerful weapon can cleave enemies in half with its hits.
Use it with the B button.


It is possible that you have returned from the Level 6 dungeon prematurely.
You can obtain the Magic Rod from the Level 6 dungeon.
This is a better weapon than the candle.
The spell from the wand can cut through enemies.

Just before 18:48

Old Man:
I shall use the last spell from the Lightning Chapter.
Mmmmh⬦ yh-ta!


Old Man:
W-what is this..?
What is happening?
Is the world ending?
Why are the monsters who live in dungeon

creeping out onto the ground??
Hero, you must hurry.
This might be a sign that Hyrule

has fallen into the hands of the Evil King.



Dark clouds rapidly shroud us.
Does the Evil King's wrath finally strike the land above?
Still, it might be a good idea to take this chance to conquer the dungeons.
The number of monsters in the labyrinths has been halved.



The defenses of the dungeons are certainly undermanned.
However, to see the land in this state...
What is the Evil King's aim?



A frightening time has come to pass.
The falling rocks of the northern rocky mountain start again.



Are you above ground now?
Be sure to have all of the following items today:
Six Triforce Pieces, the Blue Candle, the Bow, the Special Boomerang, the Raft, the Flute, the Ladder, the Magical Rod, and the White Sword.
If you're skilled, you may also have the Ring, the Magic Shield, the Arrow, the Bow, the Medicine and others, purchased or obtained.


Is the sixth Triforce piece in your hands yet?
You only have a few minutes left.



The boomerang's power is back to what it originally was.
The dark clouds thicken and hang lower.
You must hurry.


Old Man:
M-my vision is blurring...

(an evil-sounding laugh is heard)
What is this that I see before my eyes?
That appearance, can it be?

Is it the Evil King?!
Where has he manifested himself?
Hero, the time nears when the Evil King will approach this world above.
I can see it.
That fiend...
He is coming.
The monsters of the dungeons loitering on the above ground are but an omen of this.
Hero, do not fail to return to the fight.
Otherwise, the battles of today will become meaningless.
So, we'll meet again.

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