BS The Legend of Zelda - Week 4 Voice Acting Translation

BS The Legend of Zelda - Week 4 Voice Acting Translation

Near the end of year 2007, videos of entire play sessions were found on NicoVideo. The videos contain all the soundtrack and voice acting used in the game. So here are the videos and a translation of the voice acting.
Naturally, because we have already translated the text in the game (and made a patch of it), this translation ignores ingame text completely and focuses on the voice acting. There is however an exception: all text appearing at the beginning of the video during and before the loading of the game. This because said text was not available to us before the video was found. And any instance of it in this translation will be marked as such.

With all that said, enjoy the translation!

BS The Legend of Zelda

Week Four 
Translation by bluesun and Hiei
Transcription by Gekkahiro

Week 4

Old Man:

Welcome back once again, Hero.
One week has passed since this land was covered

in the black mist of the Evil King.

Monsters once contained in the dungeons rampage

on the world above.
However, I have just gathered enough strength to tame them.
The dark clouds will clear soon.
Now, the battle to regain the Triforce begins again.
Two new dungeon entrances have appeared since last time.
The remaining Triforce pieces must be in these two mazes.
Once you have gathered the eight pieces, the Triforce will be complete.
Now, go.
I shall try to help fight your enemies from here tonight.
You do not have much time left to remain on this land.
Let's hurry.
After I restore the world above, I shall look into manipulating

the minds of the merchants.
So, Hero...
Take this sword!


You must find two dungeons this week.
From them you must retrieve two Triforce pieces.
But, the Old Man said nothing about where the dungeon entrances are.
The Old Man will return the above ground to it's original appearance,

and has convinced the merchants to begin discounts.

Just before 18:08 
Old Man:

Hello again, Hero.
I shall use my power on the world above now.
Mmmmmh⬦ h-ta!


The old man's power has burst out.
The dark clouds are gone, and the monsters of the dungeons

have turned back into the original monsters from above ground.


Old Man:
Go, hero!
Now, my spell appears to have awoken the Armos.
If you provoke this enemy, it will come to life.
Wait... what is that I see under the foot of Armos?
It is...
Oh! The Power Bracelet! It has been lost for hundreds of years!
This was used by an ancient hero.
You should also obtain it.

You can find Armos stones to the north of Hyrule.
These are what has awakened.
See what happens when you touch them.
Some Armos are standing before the entrance to

the northern rocky mountain.
Making the Armos walk away should let the bracelet appear.
The Power Bracelet will allow you to move heavy rocks.
For example, you can move large rocks blocking stairs.
The Level 7 dungeon lies ahead of that.
Under a stone there is also a secret passage leading to remote locations.
Do your best to unearth this.



Old Man [Voice sounds tired]:

I've... given everything I've got on this one. Huff...

The minds of the merchants are being manipulated.



A discount sale has begun.
Do you have enough rupees?
Use your time wisely to buy items you may need.
A shield to protect yourself, a ring, meat to proceed within the level 6

maze, and medicines to recover life.
To buy medicine you need to find the cave of the old woman.
The cave where the old woman lives is located near the flying flowers, the Peahats.
You'll need a letter and a bomb.
The letter is given to you by the old man near the eastern waters.


Let's sort through the secrets of the dungeons:
Level 1 dungeon.
The entrance to this can be found without difficulty.
It contains the bow.
If you can find the right block to push, be sure to obtain it.
Level 2 dungeon.
Its location is the giant rock next to the northeast cliff.
You can't find this entrance without breaking the rock with a bomb.
If you kill all the Goriya using boomerangs, you can obtain one yourself.
Also, if you look at the labyrinth map, you can see there are rooms separated from the others.
To get to where you need to break the walls with bombs.
Level 3 dungeon.
This place is south of the forest.
Obtain the raft here.
There is a secret in the room where you see the key in this labyrinth.
Think about where to go from that room in the south, where you see the key but can't obtain it.
There must be bombs in a nearby room.
It is possible to take it with the boomerang.
Bombs are also necessary for going beyond to the old man's room in the labyrinth.
Level 4 dungeon.
This place is by the lake north of the forest.
It's possible to get past the pier if you have a raft.
The Flute can be obtained here.
There is a block that can't be moved until all the enemies are defeated.
If you spot it, the flute will surely be obtained.
The Triforce room is located near the entrance, but you need to find it from the back room, so don't rush.
The Level 5 dungeon is at the sea to the east.
Locate and go past the pier with a raft.
Find the tomb surrounded by Armos statues.
Walk toward the cliff behind the tomb.
The cliff is but an illusion of the Evil King.
Give the man that is hungry in the labyrinth the meat.
Obtain the ladder here.
Level 6 dungeon.
The entrance is at the sandy beach in the southeast.
Use the flute to reveal it.
Find the Magical Rod in this labyrinth.
There is a wall you can pass through without a bomb.
Walk toward that wall.

18:15 -  LISTEN CAREFULLY start

Old Man:
My power seems to have recovered somehow.
For a while, I've been watching the circumstances of the dungeons and,

I'll tell you, those bubbles, they're regrettable.
They are the most annoying things to fight.
Let's seal off their power for a little while now.



Now, the red bubbles are all blue.
Now, go through the dungeons without being pestered by bubbles.


Have you found the Level 7 dungeon yet?
Awaken the Armos statues and take the Power Bracelt left under the foot of one of them.
Then push the rocks blocking the stairs, and the entrance is to the east of this rocky path.


Does the White Sword shine in your hand?
Meet the old man at the graveyard if you do not have it.
To reach the cemetery, exit the forest from the west and go north from the desert.
Then push the gravestone in the middle.
If you have enough life, you should get the powerful White Sword.
The Ghini in the graveyard have a secret.
You can't defeat the Ghini who appear when you touch tombstones.
They are mere illusions.
The Ghini who is there from the start, when you enter, is real.
All the illusions are sure to disappear if the real one is defeated.
It's easy to tell the real one in a crowd; the real one does not fly diagonally.

18:18, just before 18:19

Old Man:
You seem to have an uphill battle.
I shall try to help with the Lightning spell.

Mmmh⬦ yh-ta! (timer goes to 18:19 mid-shout)


Unfortunately, the original spirits of the merchants have returned.
Everything is back to its original price.

Just before 18:21

Old Man:
How is the fight going?
I shall try using the Lightning spell again.
Mmmh⬦ ah-ta! (timer goes to 18:21 mid-shout)

In the Level 7 dungeon you may get your hands on the red candle.
It is different from the blue candle in that it can be used multiple times at once.
There are stairs you may not descend from because of blocks preventing passage.
Try to think of a way to enter from the north side of that room.


Old Man:
Do you know about the power of the rings?
The old man now hidden beneath a statue in the forest found a red ring.
You should get it by any means.


When you obtain the red ring, your protection

will be even greater than when you have the blue ring.
Hurry to the statues in the forest.


Old Man:
I wonder if you know about the Magical Sword.
It is a stronger sword than the White Sword.
The old man at the base of the rocky mountain found the Magical Sword.
You should get it by any means.


If you use a sword even stronger than the White Sword, there will be nothing you cannot achieve.

Hurry to the foot of the rocky mountain.


Old Man:
Hero, the Evil King is after for the Magic Sword and Red Ring.
You will not be able to obtain them if the Evil King finds them.

That'd be terrible!



You must get to them first.
Hurry up!
The red ring is beneath one of the statues near the Lost Woods.
You need the Power Bracelet to get it.

The magical sword is upstream the river, in the cave beside the fountain.
You need the ladder to get it.
You have 10 minutes left to get these.


Old Man:
Hero, have you found the Level 8 dungeon?
I believe it is already in sight.
Head north to the rocky mountain.


Push the rocks to go up the stairs to there.
Up the stairs, to the east is the Level 7 dungeon.
Moreover, toward the west on the other side are two large rocks, called Spectacle Rock.
If you use your bombs here it will surely reveal the Level 8 dungeon.



The Level 8 dungeon has the Book of Magic and the Silver Arrows.
The Book of Magic enables your Magical Rod to work as a fire rod.
The spell cast from the rod tears up enemies, then becomes a flame, and blazes up.
You can light darkened rooms with the fire rod.
The one thing known about the Silver Arrows is that they are more powerful than ordinary arrows...


The red bubbles are back to their original selves.
Be careful.
If you touch a red bubble, you will not be able to use your sword permanently, unless you touch a blue bubble.

(Just before 18:35, an evil-sounding snicker is heard)



Old Man:
For an instant, I saw the Evil King heading for the Red Ring and

Magical Sword.
Both must have been taken by now.
Let's now employ the Spell of Whispering again.
Your hidden allies know to use it.



This is a spell that the Old Man used once before.
There are various things hidden under trees and in walls.
You should hear a strange noise when you come to some locations.
Something you have not found yet is concealed in them.
Use your candle and bombs to reveal them.


Old Man:
Rejoice, Hero!
The power of the stars that guide you now flows in my body.
Oohoh! This power is magnificent!
Up to this point, I have used all my abilities for you, but one at a time.
Using this power, you can decide the outcome of your battles in a single blow!



Now is our chance.
You can use all of these abilities at once with this.
You can shoot beams even without full power.
Moreover, Bombs and Arrows are infinite.
And, you can use the Special Boomerang.
Let's try to challenge the remaining dungeons with this opportunity.




Your efforts are for naught.


Old Man:

W-who's that?!
That voice just now...

The Evil King?



(Ganon growls)


Old Man:
Where is he?
Where can he be?!
This is strange...
I swear I heard something...


Old Man:
Beware, hero!
A sign of the Evil King...
I feel an incredibly powerful evil force.
I do not think my own power can compare to his.
It's possible he may appear at any moment.


A sign of the Evil King... that the time has come for him to show up at last...
Where is he?
Where will he appear?


Just before 18:45

(Ganon roars)



Old Man:
You despicable fiend...!
I see. You think you can win if you quickly seal my power?
I won't let you have your way.
The power of the stars flows in my body now.
You will not be able to seal my power so easily.

Wha-what're you doing?!
Let go!
Let go!
H-Hero! The Silver Arrows!
The Silver Arrows!


Something serious has happened to the Old Man.
Ganon settled inside the Old Man's cave, of all places.
Be sure you have all 8 Triforce pieces.
Without them, you will not be able to face Ganon.



The Old Man cried for the Silver Arrows last we heard from him.
The Silver Arrows are in the Level 8 dungeon.
If you have the Silver Arrows, as well as the 8 Triforce pieces,

hurry to the old man's cave.


Just before 18:48

If you are in the Level 8 Dungeon already and have not found the Silver Arrows, try letting yourself be captured by a Wallmaster.
There must be a room where a different-colored wallmaster appears...




It's time for Hyrule to disappear.
Your adventure is over.

Old Man:
How was that, Hero?
Did you enjoy it?
Today, based on this performance, the password appears on the results screen.
You can write it down and send it on a postcard.
You might win a wonderful present for your trials.
Do not miss the deadline that is written on the screen.
So, then... farewell!

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