BS The Legend of Zelda - Week 2 Voice Acting Translation

BS The Legend of Zelda - Week 2 Voice Acting Translation

Near the end of year 2007, videos of entire play sessions were found on NicoVideo. The videos contain all the soundtrack and voice acting used in the game. So here are the videos and a translation of the voice acting.
Naturally, because we have already translated the text in the game (and made a patch of it), this translation ignores ingame text completely and focuses on the voice acting. There is however an exception: all text appearing at the beginning of the video during and before the loading of the game. This because said text was not available to us before the video was found. And any instance of it in this translation will be marked as such.

With all that said, enjoy the translation!

BS The Legend of Zelda

Week Two 
Translation by bluesun and Hiei
Transcription by Gekkahiro

Week 2

Old Man:

It is good of you to return here without fear, Hero.
The fight to reclaim the Triforce begins anew.
In the dungeons of the Evil King Ganon are hidden a total of eight pieces of the Triforce.

Two new dungeons have appeared today.
They must hide pieces of the Triforce, too.
Now go, Hero!
Reclaim the Triforce.
But... today's battle will be even more relentless than last time.
I shall try to help you in your fight from here.
Oh, that's right.
A merchant nearby has begun selling something new.
If you use it, it seems you can burn trees.
It would be good for you to obtain it, I believe.
Now you must hurry.
Like before, the world will disappear in due time.
Now, I return the memories you entrusted to me.
It is best for you to have them.




First I'll go over how to play.
To use your sword, press the A or Y buttons.
Go ahead, press it and show your attack.
Next, I want you to press the X button.
This screen is called a subscreen.
On this screen are listed the things you are carrying.
When you want to use one of these, press the B button.
To change what will be used, make your selection and
press the X button again to leave this screen.
You can also change your item with the L and R buttons anytime.


Well, it appears this week you will have to begin by meeting some merchant.
A merchant is located not too far from here.
Surely you just have to head for a nearby cave.
Also, the Old Man said to reclaim 2 Triforce pieces today.
You will be looking for the Level 3 and Level 4 Dungeons.
If you already have 2 Triforce pieces, this will surely bring your total to 4.
If you don't have those pieces, don"t panic.
The Level 1 and Level 2 Dungeons are already present in this region.
You may carry those out in time.
The Level 1 and Level 2 Dungeons have their locations shown on your map, should you look at it.


Old Man:
I"m sorry, Hero.
To deal with merchants, you need rupees.
I do not know how many rupees you have, so I thought this would be

helpful for you.

For a brief while from now, I've cast a spell on the

Don't overdo it and get yourself knocked out.


Have you met with a merchant?
Did you buy a candle from him?
If you do not have enough rupees, defeat enemies while the spell remains.
You will not be able to get very far if you can't burn trees.

18:10, goes into 18:11

Here is a recap of the tools you can use with the B button.
Bombs are powerful weapons.
You can use them to defeat enemies as well as break stone walls.
Remember that, as it is important.
Especially with regard to the statues depicting faces that are embedded in the walls of the dungeons.
It is said that some of those can be destroyed.
The Boomerang is able to stop enemy movements.
It is also useful to obtain items that are out of reach.
You can also throw it diagonally.
You need Arrows to use the Bow.
The Bow is in a dungeon somewhere.
Arrows are sold by merchants.
Be careful, however, as firing an arrow costs a single rupee every time.

Just before 18:12

Old Man:
Hero, let's use the spell from out of the Chapter of Fate of the Forbidden Tome.
Mmhh⬦ tah!

The appearance of the subscreen changes when entering a dungeon.
Let's explain the dungeon maps.
Somewhere in each dungeon has been dropped a sheet of paper with the map drawn on it.
By collecting this, a small map will appear on the left of the screen.
On the right of the subscreen is a large map which records where you walked.
Any room that is entered even once is recorded here.
While comparing the two maps, please aim for the location of the Triforce piece.
If you pick up a compass, you should see the location of the Triforce piece on the small map.


The Old Man's spell has faded.
The enemies are back to normal.
You still have to venture the western region of Hyrule.
Hurry up.
You are only seeing a portion of Hyrule.
The dungeons of the Evil King Ganon are as arduous as ever.
The road should open if you can burn the trees.



The candle can burn wood, but it is also a useful tool for brightening darkened rooms.
However, it can only be used once in the same place.
When you want to use it in the same place many times, you have to go somewhere else and then re-enter.




Have you set foot in the west and seen the Lost Woods?
That forest ends up ensnaring many travelers.
Evil spirits trick them into continuing to wander in the forest until they die.
No one in Hyrule dares approach.
There is only one way out of the woods.
Yet, even as you exit, more difficulties lie ahead before you.
You should wait for the Old Man's instructions.


You must have seen in the dungeons the round skulls, the bubbles.
These are the most annoying enemies.
Although they do not damage with their touch, they render you unable to use your sword temporarily.
In particular, if you touch a red bubble, your sword is disabled permanently unless you touch a blue bubble.
Beware these enemies the most.
There seems to be an enemy who eats your shields, as well.
Do not be careless around those.

Just before 18:19

Old Man:
How goes the battle, Hero?

I shall use the Lightning spell once again.
Mmmhh⬦ ah-ta!



Old Man:
Just moments ago, I tried reading the minds of the merchants.
Ahhh... What is it I found?
The merchants think of nothing but rupees.
Not even the future of Hyrule is on their minds.
I'll make them my puppets for a while.
Talk to the merchants while I manipulate their hearts.

The Old Man's spell is beginning to work.
The goods that merchants deal in have become cheaper.
You"d do well to buy items useful in battle now.
Let's go down to see the merchants.



Arrows are a good purchase if you have the bow.
The merchant to the west sells arrows.
However, there is also a downside in that rupees decrease when

shooting arrows.
You should purchase the Candle at 30 rupees.
The Shield is 65 rupees.
If you have this shield, you can block the bullets fired by the Zora

who rise from the water to attack you.


You should find the raft in the Level 3 Dungeon.
Where could you use the raft...?
Where is the Level 4 Dungeon...?
The Evil King's minions must be across the water.


Just before 18:25

Old Man:
I shall try using the last spell from the Lightning Chapter.
Mmmh⬦ eh-ta!


I must tell you something regrettable.
The Merchants' minds have returned to normal.
The sales are now their normal prices.
Somehow the old man is doing some follow-up work for you.



Old Man:
There"s... some people who are communicating with me.
Apparently, they are hiding themselves from the Evil King's minions.
Some of them say they want to help you.
I will send you the candle power.
However, know that not all of them are allies.



Let's experiment with the candle.
Thanks to the Old Man's power, you can use the candle repeatedly.
With this you might meet allies hiding under trees.
They will give you important information.
Let's burn suspicious trees with the candle.

Just before 18:33

Old Man:
It seems your uphill battle continues.
I will try to help with the Lightning spell.
Mmmh⬦ eh-ta!


Just before 18:35

Old Man:
Hero, I shall try using the spell found in the Fate chapter of the

Forbidden Tome.
Mmh⬦ tah!

Have you found the flute in the Level 4 Dungeon?
Blow the flute and a tornado appears.
It will carry you to the entrances of any dungeons you have retaken the

Triforce from so far.


Something strange is going on.
You can only use the candle once.
It appears the Old Man's spell has faded.


Old Man:
Have you seen the forest from which you can't proceed once you go in?
Let's exorcise the spirits of the forest with a spell.
You should be able to move through the Lost Woods freely.

You may move through the forest freely.
By having the spirits driven away, the forest has become a straightforward path.
No one has ever gone past those woods yet.
Surely there must be something beyond the forest.


Did you wait all this time to exit the forest just to head into a desert storm?
Is this a trap that someone set up?
This is wasting our time.
You should wait for the Old Man's help.
Have you found the 4th Triforce Piece yet?
If not, hurry to the level 4 Dungeon.
The Level 4 Dungeon is past the pier by the lake.


Old Man:
Finally. I made it just barely. I was at last successful in suppressing the desert storm.
The desert should be much less perilous now.

The annoying desert storm disappeared.
What is on the other side of the desert?
Nobody knows.

Just before 18:47

Old Man:
I shall try using the last spell from the Chapter of Lightning.
Mmmhh⬦ y-tah!


Old Man:
Those people are still talking to me.
They say that they will lend you power.
Let's try something a little different.
Let's figure out their whereabouts.



There my be allies hiding themselves underground.
You should listen carefully.
You will hear a signal from them.
Where you heard it, surely there is someone there.
Use candles and bombs to meet them.


You're running out of time.
What loose threads have you left hanging that you should tie up?
The Raft, the Flute, and the stronger Boomerang.
Those can be obtained today.
They are all in the dungeons.
According to rumor it is said that there is someone who gives a stronger sword called the White Sword.
Is the White Sword in your hand?
Go west through the Lost Woods, then quickly reach the cemetery north of the desert.
The graves in the cemetery hold a secret.


Only a minute left.


At last, time is up.

Old Man:
Well done...!
Here are the results of today's fight.
Four more dungeons are still to come.
Let me take your sword again.
I shall keep the important memories of your battles.
These memories can never disappear until the fight ends.
Let's meet again.

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