The original idea was to make a "Legend of Zelda" out of "BS-Zelda", with Link as main character, programmed in C++ for the pc as it is recommendable.
After month of quarreling about the name thing I (Con) came to following definition solution: The original name for bszelda is "Bs-Zelda No Densetsu - The Legend of Bs-Zelda". Replacing the mascottes with Link would have made this game a "legend of zelda; The Legend of Zelda:The Lost Quest", no Bs anymore!

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These were ideas for the computer project:
  • Give the ability to play as Link (*maybe* also as the mascots)
  • Disable the timer and make necessary time-related things triforce-related:
    -After the 2nd triforce the blue candle is buyable
    -after the 4th the whirlpool, -winds and the lost woods are vanished
    -after the 5th you get and keep the red boomerang and it's getting dark to access the flute panel and D6
    -after the 6th it's light again, the statues move and you can get the red ring and the master sword
    -after the 8th it's dark again and you can defeat Ganon
  • Other dungeon monsters for L7+8, and middle bosses. See Pics of them.
  • A full going through story.
  • A small saving defeated monster feature, so you won't have to fight all monsters again when you leave and reenter a screen and a random monster feature would be nice
  • See the map with the X-Button like in Zelda 3
  • Dialog masks and cinema barriers (Zelda V) would be nice
  • blue points on the map for the middle bosses
  • Rename the game to the web poll winner "The Legend of Zelda: The Lost Quest"

    and of course the other things which have (has) to be completed in normal bszelda:
  • Longer ending sequence and intro
  • Fix the Ghoma in L8 in the screen before the 2 Ghomas bosses
  • Sounds
  • Save slots

    Other changes: A mirror shield is in L8; and the silver arrow is somewhere in the overworld, e.g. the old men say : "Follow the path of power" for the Magic sword; courage for the ring and wisdom for the arrows.

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