Emulation info:

This rom's game only existed for a short time. Therefore Nintendo shouldn't be troubled nor make any losses if it is freely available, because you can't buy neither the BS-X system nor the game anywhere and even if you manage to purchase the BS-X you won't be able to get the game anymore. Read more about the reasons in an article made by the ZHQ. The subject is similar to the condition of BS-Zelda games.

What this game is still lacking is music and a translation that would make it more enjoyable. Nevertheless, it can already be played to its end thanks to this patches.

Patch File(s):

  • This patches (one for each week) makes the game work with any ZSNES
    I do not know who made this file, as the read me file is in Japanese and I can't even view it. If the author is reading this, I'd be glad if he could contact me so I can give him full credit or, if that's his wish, remove the files.

  • Original roms:

  • Week 1: Kanraku Kyuuden
  • Week 2: Akai Ryu Kishi
  • Week 3: Seigi No Tozokudan
  • Week 4: Hijimari No Toki

  • Emulator(s):

  • Zsnes is the best emulator to play this game.

  • Utilities:

  • You can use this program to apply the patches.