Volume II Appendix: Ancient Stone Tablets

BS The Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets

Six years before the beginning of this story, the Legendary Hero, Link, prevented the Evil King Ganon from escaping his entrapment in the Dark World and foiled his plans to conquer Hyrule, ultimately killing him. Link then departed the land in search of new adventures.

But now, in her dreams Princess Zelda suddendly has had a vision of a new threat to the land of Hyrule. The Triforce could evidently not be used for the one to whom it was now bound was away. But the vision also promised hope...

In a different world, a seemingly ordinary citizen of a modern city one day happened to meet a strange old man at a recently build shack designed for fortune telling. This man showed the youth inside his place but didn't follow in. The youth saw a strange colorful bee hovering above a crystal ball, and followed it as the bee went through the door in the back. Behind the curtain, the darkness of the room was suddenly pierced by a beam of light which enveloped both the youth and the bee.

It was then, in Hyrule, that a mysterious light came down from the sky. The Princess and the wise Aginah went to investigate and found a youth passed out near the East Palace.

Aginah took the youth from another world with him to the vacated shelter of Sahasrahla, his older brother (who had left Hyrule to seek Link, the hero), and once the youth awoke Aginah explained that this was the land of Hyrule and that this world was in danger according to a prophecy of Princess Zelda. But that was not all, as her vision also had revealed that this child brought by a strange light would be the one to save the land.

Not knowing how to return home, the youth resolved to trust this prophecy and accepted the quest of recovering a stone tablet from the East Palace (where monsters suddenly appeared after the youth's arrival in Hyrule, attacking the guards stationed there). For protection, Aginah presented to the youth the friendly bee that had come along in the ray of light and it was much needed as many monsters roamed the area. In this quest the youth would also find a sword and other items to get equipped with, becoming a skillful fighter along the way. But also of assistence was the telepathic advice provided by Aginah and his Fortune Teller friend, as well as the magic that Hyrule itself used to aid the young one.

Upon collecting the mysterious Ancient Stone Tablet, the youth was given directions by Aginah to find the next, and eventually succeeded in recovering this too. It was at about this time that the youth met Princess Zelda. The youth heard her cry for help through telepathy and found she was being chased by monsters, but they proved easy to dispatch. The princess expressed her thanks to her rescuer and spoke about her fears for Hyrule and her hopes, saying that she was now persuaded the youth was the Hero of Light, brought here to save Hyrule.

After spending the night with Aginah at Sahasrahla's home in Kakariko and befriending the villagers the hero resumed the search for the tablets, finding the next two. That night the two went to Link's house to rest and the day afterward besides journeying for two more tablets the hero was admitted in the presence of the King who commended such bravery and generousity.

On the fourth day the Hero met with Princess Zelda again at the sanctuary. There she insisted to come along for the last part of this quest so that she could translate the Ancient Stone Tablets and solve their riddle. Thus the hero protected Princess Zelda as she joined the search for the seventh Stone Tablet. Upon finding it, the hero was advised to venture into the woods and claim the Master Sword. The Legendary Blade was supposed to sleep forever, yet it stirred as the people of Hyrule once again prayed for a savior. It could be said that destiny had strayed from its path, Hyrule's fate being (once again) linked to another world. And thus the sword was awakened one more time to right this wrong.

With the Sword of Evil's Bane in hand the Hero went on to brave Death Mountain together with Princess Zelda. There they obtained the last Stone Tablet and Zelda climbed up to the left of where the Tower of Hera once stood, determined to solve their riddle. Struggling with ancient runes, she eventually did: the Tablets were powerful artifacts that allowed Zelda to break the seal on a secreted away portal to Ganon's Lair (all the other Warp Panels that Link used in his quest had vanished) and summon the weapon to destroy the fiend, the sacred Silver Arrows. Ganon had in fact revived himself by summoning the Hero of Light to Hyrule and siphoning the power of the land which the Hero channeled.

Time was quickly running out. Ganon had to be destroyed now or it would be too late as his power would grow too great. It all came down to a decisive battle that would determine whether the Hero would use the power of Hyrule to again vanquish Ganon or whether the Evil King would defeat the Hero and use the power of Hyrule to fully restore his. Zelda entrusted the Hero with her knowledge of Ganon's strenghts and weaknesses. Armed with such knowledge and Hyrule's power, the Hero courageously entered the portal. The barrier of Ganon's Tower was easily pierced by the Master Sword and soon nothing stood between the two enemies. Ganon jeered and swore to take the Hero's power for himself but the Hero of Light after an ardous battle managed to slay the Evil King.

Upon returning, the Hero received the heartfelt thanks of Princess Zelda and Aginah. As Zelda explained how the malicious essence of Ganon (which had survived the battle with Link as it could not be vanquished) had attempted to use the Hero's power to resurrect himself, the three made their way to the Master Sword's resting place. There, as soon as the sword was returned to its pedestal, with the hero's destiny fulfilled, the latter again was enveloped in light and in a flash was returned home.