Star Fox2:

  • This game was being developed for the SNES, but upon seeing little interest by visitors of the Space World, Nintendo decided to wait and release the next Star Fox game on the N64. The information on this page is about a Beta: an unfinished product; a sample of a game that was never released. Many things are missing and the most complete thing is the dog fighting. The Menus are fairly simple though not everything works. Interesting is how the airwings (now armed with torpedos instead of bombs) can change into landwalkers or standing space pods by pressing select. Also the visual effects of the sky and ground won't work right under ZSNES DOS (perhaps that's because the game was to use the chip SuperFX2) so you better use the windows port and be careful not to fly too far out of the play area on the radar.

    The full game is now commercially available with the SNES Mini and therefore will not be hosted on this site.

  • Zsnes is the emulator of choice for this game, for it is the only one that runs it with sound and correct background.

  • Midis:

    Thanks goes to Jarel Montre' Jones for this midi of the land stages music; visit his site at this address:


    Images from the Beta rom available for download

    Images from a later Beta