BS Super Mario USA Power Challenge:

Super Mario USA is the title given in Japan to the game that the rest of the world knows as Super Mario Bros. 2. In Japan, the game was available both on the Famicom (the Japanese NES) and of course as part of their release of Super Mario All Stars.
Despite leaving the stages mostly unaltered, BS Super Mario USA Power Challenge is not just a simple port of the game to the Satellaview. Much like with the BS Zeldas, the game was divided into four weeks and broadcasted at specific times along with high quality music and voice acting. Even more than before, emphasis is placed on the player's score, both by allowing each stage to be completed repeatedly (so long as there is still time), and by adding a secondary objective besides defeating each boss at least once.
This second objective ties into the game's plot as this is in fact a sequel to the original Super Mario Bros. 2/USA.

After his victory over Wart, Mario was given great honors by the people of Subcon and their King. However players may recall that at the end of the game's credits, Wart would sinisterly cackle as to foreshadow his revenge.

This vengeance came to pass in 1996, when Wart and his goons invaded Subcon again and stole every gold Mario statue the King had made to celebrate their hero.

So that is your secondary goal: you're on a treasure hunt to recover all the Mario statues that Wart's minions hid throughout Subcon. Additionally, Wart himself is hiding out in each of the four weeks for you to find and defeat.
Once you've succeeded in clearing all three stages, defeat Wart and find all ten statues within a week, you could spend the remaining time improving your score by defeating enemies, collecting cherries, mushrooms and coins.
Do note though that throughout your allotted playtime, the characters not currently on the screen will not remain idle. Even without the voice acting from the original broadcast, you can see them chatting up in the backstage through a pop up window, and sometimes these appearances are followed by surprising timed events. Any of the four playable characters may trade place with the one currently in play (as you do not get to select whom to play as), or the three Birdos may force them to switch on a whim. The King could provide temporary invincibility or Mouser could suddenly throw in a large bomb and so on.

Original Roms:

  • Week 1: World 1
  • Week 2: World 2
  • Week 3: World 4
  • Week 4: World 5

  • Patches:

  • This base patch by Con allows to skip part of the initial wait, makes the opening sequence display correctly, restores the game's original music in lieu of the missing broadcast audio and makes the game compatible with most emulators.
  • This translation pactch by pacnsacdave translates all the menus and any other text into English.
  • You'll need ips exe to patch the rom.

  • Emulator(s):

  • Most emulators, like Zsnes , should play the game with no problems.

  • Screenshots: