BS Super Mario Collection:

In Japan the game we know as Super Mario All Stars was released with the name Super Mario Collection. Both contain ports of Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros The Lost Levels, Super Mario Bros 2 and Super Mario Bros 3 with improved graphics and sound.
After using said updated version of Super Mario Bros 2 as the basis for BS Super Mario USA, Nintendo decided to give the remaining three games a similar treatment, but making these part of a continued experience. Thus BS Super Mario Collection came to be. This too was a soundlink game, with high quality music and voice acting, starring Mario as he went to relive his past adventures accompanied by his friends as well as a Japanese radio celebrity, Yuuki Nae.
Each week featured five maps, but players would only get to go through three of these, everybody starting from the same map but moving on to different ones depending on their score. Progressing from map to map was not dependant on the completation of the available levels but simply based on the timer, making the primary goal of the game that of reaching as high a score as possible by replaying the current set of levels throughout the alloted time.
Unfortunately, only the rom for one week, the third, was made available to us. However we do have some information on all weeks. The first one was based off the first Super Mario Bros game. Notably, the game was given the map system of Super Mario Bros 3, including Toad Houses and the ability to store items (mushrooms, flowers and stars) to equip before each level. Every map corresponded to a world, presumably the first 5.
Week two and three were based off Super Mario Bros 3. This time rather than feature one world per map, the first two worlds for each week were split into two maps. Week two featured world 1, 2 and 3, while week three contained world 4, 5 and 6.
The last week was based off Super Mario Bros The Lost Levels (presumably once again featuring the first five worlds of the game).

For years, it was believed that we would never get to play any part of this game aside from week 3. However, it turned out that the data for week 2 was also contained within the one existing rom available to us and so it was possible to partially restore it, making it possible for everyone to enjoy at least the part of this game pertaining to Super Mario Bros 3 in its entirety.

Original Rom:

  • Week 3

  • Patches:

  • Here are two base patches for week 3 and to partially restore week 2, made by Con. Both allow to skip part of the initial wait and improve compatibility making the game run on most emulators.
  • You'll need ips exe to patch the rom.

  • Emulator(s):

  • Most emulators, like Zsnes, should play the game with no problems.

  • Screenshots: