Marvelous Time Athletics:

  • As far as we know, this is a sequel to a Nintendo Power game simply called Marvelous. Your objective is to find a number of items that look like golden onions. It may sound dumb, but the game's mechanic is similar to that of Zelda; making it extremely entertaining and addicting. You can switch between 3 characters (by pressing the r button while they are in the tent, each one with his own abilities. Just as for Ancient Stone Tablet this game is divided in 4 weeks (each gives access to a different area) and again, ZSNES (up to v1.26, later ones won't work) runs them all as they were first one (messing the later weeks really badly) What's worst, is that although SNEmul makes the weeks work properly, it doesn't display text (making a translation impossible unless one of the two problems is fixed)

  • Roms:

  • Week 1
  • Week 2
  • Week 3
  • Week 4

  • Patch:

  • With this patch you won't have to endure the long wait as the game searches for missing hardware.
  • You'll need ips exe to patch the rom.

  • Emulator(s):

  • With SNEMUL you'll be able of playing the whole game but with no text. Unfortunately, you this emulator is only supported until Win98
  • With ZSNES all the weeks will run as the first making impossible to play the later ones.

  • Screenshots:

    Images taken from the first week using ZSNES.